Who Is John Gotti’s Wife Victoria DiGiorgio?

Victoria DiGiorgio

Victoria DiGiorgio, an American businesswoman, is the wife of John Joseph Gotti Jr., an American gangster.

From October 27, 1940, until June 10, 2002, John Joseph Gotti Jr. was an American gangster and the boss of the Gambino crime family in New York City.


Victoria DiGiorgio Gotti Marraige | Via Naibuzz

He organized and assisted in the death of Gambino leader Paul Castellano in December 1985, and he took over the family soon after, becoming the head of America’s most powerful crime syndicate.

Who Is John Gotti’s Wife Victoria DiGiorgio?

Victoria Digiorgio is a wellknown international figure. She became famous when she married John Gotti when she was a teenager.

The Gambinos were New York’s most violent crime family. Her late husband was the matriarch of his family’s criminal organization. You’ll be surprised by how she handled so much heartache during her marriage.

Victoria married John despite knowing he was a criminal. Despite her disapproval of his lifestyle, she did not denounce him to the authorities.

They dated for four years before marriage. They raised their children in a three-story house in Queens, despite Gotti’s affluent crime operation. Despite their terrible reputation, the couple was able to teach their children discipline and traditional values.


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