Who Is Michael Le Vell And Janette Beverley’s Daughter Amelia Turner?

Michael Le Vell and Janette Beverley have a daughter named Amelia Turner. Amelia Turner was born in 1996 and will turn 26 in January 2022.

Finlay Turner, Amelia Turner’s younger brother, was born in 1999. Finlay Turner will turn 23 in January 2022. He is Michael Le Vell’s and Janette Beverley’s second child.


Amelia Turner

Image credit: Twitter / Fake showbiz news

Michael Le Vell and Janette Beverley married in 1986 and had two children together before splitting up in 2011. When the breadwinner, Michael Le Vell, was accused of rape, the family remained silent and stood by him.

Michael Le Vell was eventually set free. The case was dismissed by the Crown Prosecution Service due to a lack of evidence.

Janette Beverley. Image credit: Twitter / iamkabirghale

Because he wore tight pants and had a moustache, Michael Le Vell became a gay icon. He was also the first British actor on screen to have his left ear pierced. He then claimed that after he chopped off his moustache, his gay following dwindled.


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