Who Is Michael Le Vell’s Ex-Wife Janette Beverley?

Janette Beverley

Janette Beverley – Michael Robert Turner, better known by his stage name Michael Le Vell, is an English actor best known for his role as Kevin Webster, a mechanic in the ITV serial opera Coronation Street, which he has played since 1983. From 1986 to 2011, he was married to a woman named Janette Beverly.

Janette Beverley | Credit: The Sun


Janette Beverley

Janette Beverley, who is she? Janette Beverley is an actress from the United Kingdom.

Janette Beverley age

Janette Beverley’s age is unknown. Janette Beverley has 55 years on this planet (as of 2022).

Janette Beverley movies

Janette Beverley has appeared in what shows? Janette Beverley made her debut on Coronation Street in 1984, playing Elaine Pollard. On the set of the show, she ran into her ex-husband Michael Le Vell. She has also appeared in television shows such as Hold Tight, Children’s Ward, and others.

Janette Beverley children

Does Janette Beverley have any children? Who are Janette Beverley children? Janette Beverley has just one child with her ex-husband Michael Vell. The child is called Amelia Turner. 


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