Who started Pall-Ex? Does Hilary Devey still own Pall-Ex?

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Hilary Devey CBE founded Pall-Ex in 1996 as a unitized freight distribution network. Before starting Pall-Ex in 1996, Hilary Devey worked at Littlewoods, Tibbett and Britten, Scorpio, and TNT. On its first night of operation, the network processed 117 pallets.

In 2009, Hilary Devey became the first woman to earn the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport’s Sir Robert Lawrence Award.

Pall-Ex entered the international market in 2009 when it launched Pall-Ex Italia in collaboration with domestic hauliers.

Who started Pall-Ex? Does Hilary Devey still own Pall-Ex?

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Its mainland operations Spain, Portugal, France, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, and the Benelux countries make up Europe today. To convey consignments, each country employs the hub-and-spoke freight distribution system from its principal hub. Throughout Europe

Pall-Ex Group was sold to its UK network membership and senior management team by Hilary Devey CBE. Contracts were signed on October 15th, 2019.

David Fairbrother of ADD Express, Maggie Larimore of PMB Pallets, and Craig Stevens of STD Developments, all of whom have known and worked with Hilary Devey for over twenty years, were in charge of the transaction, together with Kevin Buchanan, Pall-group Ex’s managing director.

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