Who Was Christian Cabrera? Christian Cabrera Cause Of Death

Who Was Christian Cabrera

Who Was Christian Cabrera, Christian Cabrera, an American comedian and content producer, died in hospital after contracting coronavirus pneumonia in both lungs.

Cabrera, a native of southern California, died in hospital on January 22, 2022, at the age of 40.


Who Was Christian Cabrera

Photo Credit: gofundme.com

He was known in the business as the “Chinese best friend” because he frequently worked on viral social media clips, was very active across social media platforms, and was affectionately nicknamed “Chinese best best friend.”

Cabrera is recognized for collaborating in viral videos with Michael Blackson, an American-Ghanaian actor and comedian.

Cabrera was described as Blackson’s “best friend” in a post to his 5.5 million Instagram followers after his death.

“He taught me the meaning of true friendship, and I’ll never refer to anyone else as my best friend.”

“He was selfless, caring more about others than himself.”

Blackstone had said, “Thank you for coming into my life Christian, I love you homie.”

Cabrera leaves behind a three-year-old kid, Noel, and his partner.


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