Who Was Ginimbi? Biography, achievements, cars, and mansion

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Who Was Ginimbi? Biography, achievements, cars, and mansion

Who Was Ginimbi – Genius Kadungure aka Ginimbi was a popular Zimbabwean socialite and businessman.

Before his death, Ginimbi was the life of the party. He hung out with some of the biggest celebrities in Africa, including Nigeria’s Davido, who is widely referred to as one of the biggest singers on the continent.

In this post, we’ll be talking about Ginimbi’s unbelievable achievements. How he started from scratch to become a multi-millionaire in US dollars, plus the several controversies that trailed his wealth.

We’ll also talk about his expensive car collection and beautiful mansion.

Who Was Ginimbi? Biography, achievements, cars, and mansion


Genius Kadungure was born on 10 October 1984 in Domboshava. He grew up in a family of four.

Kadungure was said to have started engaging in small business transactions at the age of 17.


When he reached middle-man, he started securing gas for domestic users.

According to local media reports, Genius had a friend who worked at the Angolan Airways, and it was through that friend he secured his first contract.

That contract opened the doorways for other contracts, as he would later follow it up with a number sale to other gas users.


Within a year after Ginimbi got his first contract, he was able to acquire his own car.

Two years later, he bought a Mercedes Benz S Class.

He went on to establish Pioneer Gases which is now part of the Piko Trading Group. The company supplies gas to the commercial, industrial, public, and retail sectors.

His company witnessed growth immense pace, which enabled him to keep up with an extravagant lifestyle.

Ginimbi’s insane car garage:

The supercar collector owned several luxury cars before his demise. According to several reports, his cars included 6 Rolls-Royce.

Ginimbi’s insane car garage

Among them were 3 Rolls-Royce Wraiths; Black and Silver color; Gold and White Color; and the third, Red Color.

A single Rolls Royce Wraith costs a staggering $330,000 dollars. That price can become significantly higher or lower, depending on a number of factors.

Ginimbi’s three other rolls-royce cars were:

  • A Black and Silver Rolls-Royce ghost which costs around $310,000.
  • A  Black and White Rolls Royce Dawn, which starts at $356,000.
  • A  purple Rolls Royce Wraith which starts at $450,000.

Ginimbi’s three other rolls-royce cars were

Ginimbi’s Bentley collection included:

  1. Bentley Bentayga which starts at $160,000.
  2. Bentley Muslanne, which starts at $300,000
  3. Red Bentley Continental GT v8, which starts at $200,000
  4. A blue 2020 Bentley Continental GTC, which starts at $236,000

His other cars include:

A Mercedes Bens AMG G63, Range Rover SVR, Landrover Velar, and a Range Rover autobiography.

One month before Ginimbi’d death, he splashed around $600,000 dollars on a Lamborghini Aventador S Roadstar.

According to reports, Ginimbi spent over $1.5 million on cars in just 2020.

However, his luxury cars were not for mere fancy. Ginimbi reportedly ran a luxury car rental service, allowing him to make fortunes from owning luxury cars.


The popular socialite built a mansion in the village, in rural Domboshava.

The eye-catching mansion has six bedrooms, a fully equipped gym, and a 14-seater state-of-the-art cinema.


The mansion has an open plan type of design with doorless entrances connecting the rooms with every single room built with a balcony or verandah giving access to the lush gardens.

The ground floor has a large kitchen, a lounge, a small ‘‘reception’’, gym, cinema, guest bedrooms and an entire guest wing which is separated from the main house by a series of garages for Kadungure’s top-of-the-range cars.

In addition, his mansion has a Tennis court a luxury swimming pool.


With Ginimbi’s fame and wealth came many questions. A lot of people started suspecting him of being involved in shady business, even his country’s government.

In May 2014 he was arrested on allegations of fraud. He was accused of allegedly defrauding the Prime Minister for Chegutu West, Dexter Nduna. He was also accused of defrauding the managing director of Badon Enterprises and a Kadoma-based miner only identified as Gatawa of R1,581,890.

Kadungure was reported to have created a fictitious company named Transco Civil Engineering purportedly based in South Africa and opened an ABSA bank account for the company.

Those are just a few among the numerous complaints that were filed against him.

However, he was never convicted of any wrongdoing until the time of his death.


On 8 November 2020, Ginimbi was out with a group of friends to celebrate the 26th birthday of Moana, a popular video vixen.

He and his friends first went to his Dreams Nightlife Club, where they were seen popping expensive drinks and celebrating joyously.

Gimbi and 3 other persons left the club and were headed for another location when he was involved in a ghastly car accident.

The late socialite crashed his purple Rolls-royce against a blue Honda Fit, and then crashed into some trees.


According to eyewitnesses, Ginimbi was pulled out of the car successfully but died moments later.

Sadly, the three other occupants of the car were trapped inside and were burned to death beyond recognition.

The two other occupants of ill-fated Rolls-Royce were a model, Alichia Adams , and a CASHGATE-linked Malawian fugitive, Limumba Karim.

Ginimbi will be buried in his mansion and the attendants of the burial are expected to wear all white attires; his trademark color.

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