Why Does Bianca Andreescu Wear Something Around Her Arm? Is Bianca Andreescu Sponsored By Nike?

Bianca Andreescu

Bianca Andreescu, a Canadian tennis champion, wears a hair band around her right elbow, apparently as a ‘good luck charm.’

Bianca began wearing a twisting, plastic hair band around the forearm of her serving arm in Auckland.


She had acquired some in the months leading up to 2019, and the adornment has persisted.

Photo Credit: Sky Sports

When asked about her trend, she said:

“I enjoy being unique. I’d never worn these hair ties before, but I bought a pair during preseason and wore them around my wrist. And then I noticed that it kept falling off when I played forehands, so I simply put it up there, and it looked decent, so I kept it.”

Is Bianca Andreescu Sponsored By Nike?

Andreescu is supported by Nike Inc. for her on-court attire.

A portion of her partnerships include her endorsement of veggie restaurant chain Copper Branch and becoming BMW Canada’s most current brand representative in June 2019.


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