Was Fat Friends Cancelled? Why was Fat Friends Cancelled?

Why was Fat Friends Cancelled

Why was Fat Friends Cancelled- Fat Friends was a British drama that aired on ITV from October 12, 2000, to March 24, 2005, and consisted of 25 episodes distributed across four series. The series, set in Leeds, dives into the lives of a number of slimming club members, concentrating on how their weight has affected them in various ways.

The show was conceived by Kay Mellor and produced by Rollem Productions with Tiger Aspect Productions and Yorkshire Television.
Fat Friends is set in Leeds’ Headingley neighborhood and centered around a slimming club.


Carol, the club’s intimidating leader, tries in vain to get the members to follow the ‘Super Slimmers’ diet.

Photo credit: Michael Wharley

Why was Fat Friends Cancelled?

Fat Friends – The Musical was cancelled because of “ongoing Covid-19-related incidents” and their impact on the show. The musical was supposed to begin in January 2022 at the Orchard Theatre in Dartford and tour until July 2022 but all upcoming dates were cancelled.


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