Why was Tyler Christopher let go from General Hospital?

Tyler Christopher

Tyler Christopher was fired from General Hospital owing to a disagreement over his contract.

Tyler Christopher Baker made his soap opera and “General Hospital” debut in 1996 as Nikolas Cassadine, Laura Spencer’s adolescent son who had never been seen before (Genie Francis).


Fans grew to know both the character and the actor over the years, as he finally changed his name to Tyler Christopher and returned to the role of Nikolas on and off over the next two decades.

Nick Stabile had just won the Daytime Emmy award for Outstanding Lead Actor when it was announced in 2016 that Christopher would be taking a break from “GH” and that he would temporarily take up the role of Nikolas.

Contract negotiations in September 2016 did not go well, according to Soap Opera Digest, and Christopher was sacked from the show.

Marcus Coloma took over as Nikolas when he was discovered to be alive in 2020, but recent social media posts have fans wondering if Christopher might be returning to “GH.”


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