Zef Eisenberg Cause Of Death

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Zef Eisenberg

Zef Eisenberg was a British ultra-speed motorbike racer and television broadcaster who founded the sports nutrition brand Maximuscle.

After attempting to break the 207mph land speaking record, he died in a catastrophic crash. After reports of a serious crash, he perished at Elvington Airfield near York.

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Zef Eisenberg
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Former Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond crashed in 2006 at the same place.

Zef Eisenberg Cause Of Death

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Zef Eisenberg, the creator of a multimillion-dollar fitness company and a motorbike racer, died at the age of 47. Eisenberg was the founder of the Madmax Race Team, which attempts speed records on motorcycles and automobiles. His family verified his ipassing.

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