21 Online Business for Students That Earns

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is an Amazon platform designed for self-publishing e-books, and it was introduced in November 2007, coinciding with the launch of the first Amazon Kindle device.

KDP provides authors and publishers with the autonomy to release their books directly on the Amazon store.

Authors can submit documents in various formats via the KDP website and price their works between $0.99 and $200. These documents can be written in 44 different languages.


In 2016, Amazon introduced a paperback option that employs print-on-demand technology, aiming to offer both digital and print publishing capabilities to self-publishers.

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Amazon actively encourages authors to utilize this platform for publishing both e-books and paperbacks.


Amazon Kindle Publishing represents a path to earning passive income. You write a book and then publish it on Amazon. Once published, it generates income for you passively.

The process of publishing your book on Amazon is entirely cost-free, with the only investment being the time you spend writing and publishing your work.

20. Blogging

Blogging presents a promising opportunity for Nigerian students to earn money online.

While there are numerous methods to generate income on the internet, blogging offers a versatile platform where you can write about a variety of subjects, whether it’s news, sports, or animals, and monetize your efforts.

The key is to establish and nurture your blog, allowing it to become a source of revenue, and subsequently reaping the financial benefits.

In addition to blogging, you can also leverage Google AdSense as an additional source of income.

You don’t need to amass millions of monthly views or be a millionaire to make money through blogging; rather, all you require is an engaged audience eager to consume and interact with your content consistently.

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In Nigeria, there is a substantial demand for information on diverse topics, making starting a blog an excellent means to tap into this trend and potentially earn supplemental income.

21. Video Editing

Video editing entails the process of refining raw footage captured during the production of various visual content, such as movies, documentaries, advertisements, and more.

In today’s digital era, acquiring video editing skills has become increasingly essential.

You might be wondering about the profitability of video editing in Nigeria. It’s worth noting that the advantages of mastering video editing in Nigeria are substantial, particularly in a time dominated by social media and internet-driven content consumption, where video content often surpasses text-based material.

Companies now rely on videos to effectively promote their products and services, and this demand is continually growing.

Learning video editing in this digital age can open up a world of rewarding career prospects for you. The digital economy has witnessed a surge in the use of digital videos, both in Nigeria and worldwide, over the past few years.

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Professional video editing has evolved into an indispensable technology for both burgeoning companies and individuals. The film and broadcasting industries are known for their competitiveness, making it crucial for you to effectively showcase your talents and abilities throughout the application and hiring processes.

By honing your video editing skills, you can position yourself as a valuable asset and a highly qualified candidate, enhancing your prospects in these competitive industries.

21 Online Business for Student That Pays Daily

Here are the top-rated online business for student that pays daily in Nigeria:

  • Freelance writing
  • Tutoring
  • Students’ Registration
  • Sell Data and Airtime
  • Become an Egg Supplier
  • Sell Clothes
  • Start a YouTube Channel
  • Email Marketing
  • Sell on Konga
  • Sell on Jumia
  • Copywriting
  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Graphic Designs
  • Dropshipping
  • Forex Trading
  • Sell eBooks Online
  • Amazon Kindle Publishing
  • Blogging
  • Video Editing


Numerous high-paying job opportunities await students in Nigeria, offering both online and offline income-generating prospects.

By identifying the ideal opportunity and leveraging your unique skills and talents, you can initiate additional income streams to support your educational and living expenses.

With dedication and effort, earning money is within reach for everyone.

Begin your journey by exploring these lucrative student jobs in Nigeria that provide daily compensation, and kickstart your income-generating endeavors today.

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