7 High-Paying Affiliate Programs in Nigeria

7 High-Paying Affiliate Programs in Nigeria


Here is how affiliate marketing works in Nigeria:

  • Discovering an exceptional online product or service that addresses a particular need and garners interest from potential buyers or participants, you proceed to advocate for it among your blog readers or social media followers through the utilization of a unique referral link.
  • When your followers click on the link and make a purchase or payment for any service, you earn a commission.
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Imagine you have a readership or follower base of around 5,000 individuals on your blog or various social media platforms (WhatsApp, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram). Now, let’s consider you stumble upon a digital product titled “How To Relocate To Canada Without Wasting Money On Fake Agents” priced at ₦10,000—a solution that genuinely addresses their needs.


Suppose roughly 2,000 of your audience members click on your referral link, and among them, 1,000 decide to make a purchase.

If your commission for each sale amounts to 50% (equivalent to ₦5,000), this translates to a total of ₦5 million earned (₦5,000 x 1,000).


In essence, Affiliate Marketing can be simplified as follows: Join Affiliate Programs, Promote Products, and Earn.

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What are Affiliate Programs?

The choice of affiliate marketing programs you can be part of may vary depending on your niche or specific market focus.

It’s noteworthy that the majority of affiliate programs in Nigeria offer free membership, although a select few may require payment for registration.

Features of the Best Affiliate Programs in Nigeria

A good affiliate marketing program must:

  • Be mobile friendly.
  • Have good payment threshold and withdrawal options.
  • Be fully registered with the proper agency.
  • Not have hidden charges.
  • Have fair customer policies.
  • Have good users’ reviews.
  • Have marketing materials for affiliates.

Requirements Needed to Join Affiliate Programs in Nigeria

These are some requirements and documents that you need to provide before you’ll be able to join some affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria and earn money:

  • You must be above the age of 18 years old.
  • You must have a Valid ID card for verification (National ID, Voter’s card or Passport).
  • You must have a blog, YouTube channel or high engagement social media accounts.
  • You must have a Bank Account, PayPal Account or Crypto Wallet for payment.
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7 Best Affiliate Programs in Nigeria

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