Canada Government Jobs for Immigrants

Jobs for Immigrants
Canada Government Jobs for Immigrants

Welcome! We’re pleased to have you here. Canada’s government has an open immigration policy and provides opportunities for immigrants to secure Canada Government Jobs when relocating to Canada.


With over 300,000 job openings and recruitment opportunities for immigrants in Canada, your chances of finding employment are favorable. Success awaits those who are determined and possess the required documentation and skills.

In this section, you’ll find a comprehensive list of well-paying jobs in Canada, spanning various salary ranges. It is designed to assist immigrants in securing Canada Government Jobs and can be beneficial for both new immigrants and current Canadian residents.


It’s important to note that Canada adheres to specific regulations and guidelines, which you’ll discover here, along with policies, mandates, strategies, and related documents.

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Additionally, Canada Government Jobs offers a unique sponsorship program. Qualified applicants may be eligible for VISA sponsorship based on their employer’s requirements, simplifying the process of relocating to Canada.

Canada Government Jobs for Immigrants

Type of company: Non-Profit. Maximum 250 employees


Name of the Company: Canadian Government.

Industry: BPO

In this section, you’ll find regularly updated job openings in Canada. You can search for jobs that align with your pursuit of Canada Government jobs.

Occupation Average Annual Salary(CAD)

Registered or licensed Practical nurse $76,342 to $129.781

long haul truck driver $44,850 up to $75,770 Welder $39 938 – $69 595,

Industrial Electrician $44,334 – $81,491

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Aerospace engineer $89 700 to $152,490

Software Engineer $95 2,450 – $157,165

Vocational or College Instructor $47,736 – $75,408

Psychologist $97.451 – $130.932,

Aircraft Pilot $66110 to $112,387

Early Childhood Education $25,350 to $59670

Food Service Worker $25,000.-$35.687

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Pipefitter $63,239- $76,342- $129.781

Construction Estimator $76,757 – $132.388

Management Consultant $77.875 – $132.388

Note: Please note that we do not operate as employment agencies, nor do we serve as intermediaries between Canadian employers and job seekers. Our primary goal is to provide immigrants and foreigners with exceptional job opportunities. Our website is entirely free to use.

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You should be aware that there are no charges associated with applying for a job or conducting job searches, including Canada Government job applications.

These positions typically offer a salary range between $42,500 and $143,800, and they are available in various Canadian communities, such as Toronto, Montreal, and Nunavut Territory.

  • Depending on the employer, vacation travel assistance may be offered twice per family member.
  • Successful candidates could be eligible for employee housing or reimbursement for relocation expenses.
  • The amount allowance can vary from $18,000 to $32,000. It depends on whether an employee is dependent and if they are responsible for housing.

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