“Our son slept without drama” – Nigerian couple dance in video as little child sleeps peacefully at night

Nigerian couple


In a heartwarming display of parental triumph, a woman identified as @iam_adamma captured the precious sight of her son peacefully sleeping on the couch.

In the accompanying caption, she expressed the relief and amazement that parents often experience when their children settle down without any fuss.


She wrote; “When your son sleeps by himself without any drama. This kids can turn you into something else.”

@Clara Khasai reacted: “You now know where the drama comes from big brother ain’t asleep yet.”

@la cherrie commented: “Son sleeps when he sees Cain and instructions to close his eyes..boom he sleeps off.”


@benedictasong reacted: “Children and drama some times me and my hubby feel like running away from the house but not possible.”

@Sedes Chidera commented: “My sister praise by to God. lolz, i can relate.”

@user8101055522896 reacted: “Story of my RN,my niece just brought her inside from the living room i said ahh she don sleep.”

@ogenwa reacted: “I understand the joy. Mine just slept now.”

@Chidinma said: “I can’t wait for the day my daughter will sleep by herself.”

@Queenszone Collections said:“Motherhood na your mate?”

@SharryCool commented: “Best song because the way these boys jump around & boss you,you just cant wait for them to take a nap.”

@Chigoo reacted: “These holidays l dey hear am, my son na handful.”

See the video below:

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