22 Realities & Missteps of Loving a Married Man from the Outside

While it might seem simple to judge being the other woman negatively, love is a complex emotion. How do you navigate being the outsider in a relationship?

Loving a Married Man
22 Realities & Missteps of Loving a Married Man from the Outside

Adultery and infidelity have long intrigued society, despite being deemed taboo across cultures. It’s undeniable that these aspects have integrated into our societal fabric. Here, the role of the other woman takes center stage, drawing people into its captivating allure.

Society often hurls derogatory labels like “whore,” “slut,” or “homewrecker” at these women, subjecting them to shame and an unrelenting reminder of their involvement in such situations.


Sometimes love just happens

Discovering affection for a married or committed man might be a dreaded scenario for many women. Interestingly, this sentiment often isn’t deliberate; rather, it arises organically.

Despite your best efforts to restrain emotions, the descent, in many instances, proves almost impossible to resist.


For those who haven’t encountered such a predicament, it may appear perplexing or unappealing. After all, why would a woman opt for a man who’s already spoken for, when countless eligible bachelors abound?

Yet, when you find yourself immersed in that very circumstance, the perspective becomes less black and white.

Do women fall in love with married men for sex or love?

At times, women also shy away from commitment. Embracing the thrill without the entanglements, the repercussions of a relationship’s demise may not faze them. Their happiness takes precedence.

These individuals engage in liaisons with married men as a means to experience affection without the pressure of commitment.

In essence, women are drawn to the allure of unattainable men. Frequently, they find themselves enamored with a married man. Beyond this, women may also feel an attraction towards men already involved in relationships.

Society and being the other woman

Numerous women have found themselves entangled in the alluring realm of becoming the other woman. Contrary to societal perceptions, a significant portion of these individuals are far from the “mindless bimbos” they’re often labeled as. In fact, throughout history, remarkable women have assumed the role of mistresses to kings and nobles.

22 Realities & Missteps of Loving a Married Man from the Outside

Consider the remarkable Madame Pompadour, the enigmatic Anne Boleyn, and the captivating Diane de Poitiers. Each had distinct motivations for their actions, and intriguingly, their influence shaped the course of history for the better.

This intricate scenario has ensnared many, compelling them to navigate a complex situation where time is borrowed, and rationality often takes a backseat.

Being the other woman is stressful

Undoubtedly, the persistent fear of exposure and the uncertainty of your partner’s commitment to his significant other can lead to immense stress. As time passes, the cumulative weight of these concerns can become overpowering, prompting you to ponder the rationale behind your actions.

When you reach such a juncture, it becomes crucial to pause and evaluate the situation objectively.

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Considering the extent of distress this entails, it’s worth asking yourself: Is the pain you’re enduring justified by the circumstances?

Why being the other woman hurts

Is it truly fair for society to impose such a severe stigma on these women? While some may argue they merit such treatment, it’s worth pausing to contemplate the perspective of those who find themselves in the role of the other woman.

1. You are a dirty little secret

When assuming the role of the other woman in a relationship, secrecy becomes paramount. Whether it’s a boyfriend betraying his girlfriend or a husband straying from his wife, you’ll remain concealed and unspoken of.

This involves clandestine meetings, furtive text messages, and specific “terms” that must be adhered to.

Public outings become off-limits, unless you wish to be a subject of rumors. As the clandestine companions, you and your counterpart ensure that your interactions remain hidden from prying eyes. Out in public, you treat each other as strangers, yet behind closed doors, you’re entirely devoted.

Over time, such circumstances inevitably take a toll on anyone involved.

2. You have to deal with loneliness

Participating in a covert romance frequently ushers in a profound sense of isolation, leaving an underlying emptiness unaddressed.

While physical proximity may be frequent, it fails to adequately dispel the emotional void and the longing for a deeper connection that goes beyond the realm of the physical.

3. You have to deal with the stigma of society

In the realm of forbidden relationships, societal judgment invariably surfaces. Women who find themselves entangled as the other woman must bear the weight of hurtful labels, such as “slut” or “homewrecker.”

Yet, the ordeal doesn’t conclude with mere name-calling or shaming. She also confronts patronizing glances and hushed conversations that linger whenever she steps into a room. Nevertheless, despite these challenges, she strives to overlook them to preserve her connection with the attached man.

4. You have to play the waiting game

This implies that you’re dependent on your lover’s approval for everything, including the next opportunity to meet. Playing the waiting game is arduous and exasperating, as you yearn for any fragments of affection your lover offers.

Once your rendezvous concludes, you find yourself longing and anticipating the next contact, which might take days or even weeks to transpire.

5. You become the “in the meantime” girl

A woman who assumes the role of the “in the meantime girl” discovers herself trapped in emotional turmoil. You’ll be the one filling the gaps that your lover’s marriage or official relationship fails to fulfill.

The painful aspect of being the “in the meantime girl” is realizing you’re merely an alternative, and often a secondary one.

Conversations about a shared future will be absent, and your interactions will be confined to the present. You hold onto any fragments of happiness from your time together, even though deep down, you understand these moments are transient.

6. You live on stolen moments and borrowed time

One fundamental aspect of being the other woman in a relationship is navigating a set schedule. Keep in mind that the person you desire has commitments and responsibilities awaiting them at home every day.

Given this, it’s impossible to be together daily, so you must coordinate based on an agreed-upon schedule, often limited to a few hours.

In such circumstances, you must make the most of the limited time you share, and this can be emotionally challenging, particularly if you’ve developed deep feelings.

7. You are guilt-ridden

Numerous women who have engaged in such relationships frequently lament sleepless nights. They are plagued by guilt, particularly when they are left alone without the solace of their lover.

This guilt stems from being complicit in an affair that transgresses the bounds of commitment to another woman. Often, these women perceive this guilt as a one-sided burden.

8. You are not a priority

The initial weeks of a relationship are a cascade of euphoria. The elation of love surges through you, and an insatiable desire to be by your beloved’s side envelops you. Yet, this “honeymoon phase” is destined to wane, unveiling the reality beneath.

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As time progresses, you’ll observe how the entire situation shapes your identity, realizing that he won’t be there to console you on your low days. His hand won’t be there to grasp when solace is sought, nor his embrace to alleviate your solitude. In essence, life’s moments won’t be shared with him, as he has already woven that tapestry with someone else.

9. You tend to idealize the relationship

Many women often seek refuge in fantasy, idealizing their circumstances and casting themselves as the tragic heroines of their self-authored romantic narratives – real-life Eponines destined to long for a love that can never be wholly theirs.

In more dire scenarios, they may indulge in daydreams where the situation takes a miraculous turn, with the lover abandoning their spouse to become their rightful partner. Yet, much like many fantasies, these notions ultimately prove futile.

10. You have an expiration date

Perhaps the most daunting and emotionally painful reality of being the other woman is the potential for the affair to end as abruptly as it began. Closure may remain elusive, leaving you with unanswered questions.

Starting as secret lovers, the relationship may dissolve into a distant memory, leaving you as strangers once more. While some claim the capacity to love multiple individuals concurrently, affairs with mistresses often have an expiration date. Such situations are not sustainable indefinitely.

Whether you decide to end it or your partner takes the initiative, remember that no secret can remain hidden forever.

11. You’ll be under constant emotional stress

Being the other woman is undeniably stressful, as previously discussed. This type of prolonged stress can have severe long-term consequences, and no one wants to compromise their well-being for the sake of being in that position, correct?

While relationships can certainly present challenges, they should not be a constant source of overwhelming stress. The perpetual concern about future developments and the actions of the married or taken man with his partner can erode your peace of mind.

12. Anger and resentment will eat you up

It’s almost inevitable that resentment will grow towards their partner. How could it not? They share intimate moments with “your” guy every night, while you remain a hidden secret. You’ll likely become frustrated with the entire situation, leading to arguments that intensify the pain and distress.

These detrimental emotions can cause significant harm, and by the end of it, you might find yourself unrecognizable due to the immense toll you’ve endured.

13. Your self-esteem will take a beating

Once more, it’s hard to imagine it not affecting you. The man isn’t wholeheartedly selecting you; it’s a partial choice. Consequently, your self-esteem is inevitably undermined as you grapple with why you’re not the one he’s spending every night with.

Consistently facing cancellations and being kept in the shadows is a burden nobody should bear.

14. You may develop deep-seated trust issues

When this relationship inevitably concludes, you might discover yourself grappling with profound trust issues in the times ahead.

You’ve witnessed firsthand the extent to which someone can betray what they’re meant to cherish and simultaneously harm the other party involved. Having experienced such negativity, it becomes challenging to hold onto the idea of genuine love’s purity.

As a result, your subsequent relationships could be tinged with negativity right from the start, as the struggle to place trust becomes a significant hurdle.

15. You may feel unsupported when the affair ends

Your family and friends might not be in favor of the relationship, assuming they are even aware of it. Should it come to an end and you require their backing, concealing their opinions of disapproval could prove challenging.

Navigating this scenario can be quite demanding. The challenges of being the other woman extend beyond its duration; the aftermath can be exceptionally tough, especially when you find yourself grappling with the aftermath and having fewer allies for support than anticipated.

Being the other woman can be a living hell

Many women who have navigated these delicate situations often turn to therapy for support afterward. They’ve shared how assuming the role of the other woman within a relationship can feel akin to social self-destruction. Often, one forsakes their cherished ideals in exchange for fleeting moments of happiness.

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In the midst of these emotional upheavals, it’s natural to question why the other woman persists in tolerating such circumstances.

In truth, there exist a multitude of distinct motivations, each unique to the individual. These motivations often wield a compelling force that urges them to remain, even in the face of societal criticism and scorn.

What happens when you get caught?

As the saying goes, “Not all good things have to come to an end, but when they do, it can often be in a painful way.”

When entangled in an affair with a married man, the inevitable reality is that your role as the other woman will likely conclude.

The married man carries a clear understanding of his desires within the relationship, even if you’ve veered off course along the journey.

Chances are, he won’t forsake the security of his family for your sake. Adding to the complexity, years down the line, you might find yourself regretful, envisioning the possibility of a happier existence with a young man who could have reciprocated your love from the start.

This can plunge you into a state of deep isolation and despair.

And if that isn’t disheartening enough, there will come a moment when exposure is inevitable.

Recall that even the most elusive of creatures, like cunning rats, eventually meet their reckoning, regardless of their nocturnal prowess. Whether it’s his spouse or a close family acquaintance, the truth will come to light.

Regrettably, you’ll find yourself facing the brunt of the blame. The accusatory fingers won’t be aimed at him; instead, they’ll gleam like sharpened blades, all pointed in your direction.

How do you deal with being the other woman?

Having delved into the complexities of being in the role of the other woman, let’s transition to practical guidance.

You’re in this situation, entangled in affection for someone who is committed elsewhere. So, how can you navigate this circumstance with greater ease? Here are some actionable suggestions.

1. Don’t be harsh on yourself

Certainly, our words may have prompted you to view matters with a broader perspective in this discussion. It’s a necessary dialogue, after all. However, we don’t intend for you to endure distress.

If you find yourself in the role of the other woman, cognizant of the wrongdoing, refrain from excessive self-criticism. Recognizing the less-than-ideal circumstances, extend compassion to yourself and seek a path towards resolution.

2. Determine precisely what you deserve

Shift your focus beyond this affair. Acknowledge that it may not conclude as you desire, and even if it does, another person is affected. Consider what you truly merit.

You merit a partner who is wholly devoted to you, free from the need to divide affections. Embrace this as your guiding principle, recognizing its undeniable truth.

3. Talk to him, don’t fight

While emotions can run high and the urge to express frustration is natural, opting for a calm and composed conversation yields better results. Engage in an open dialogue with him, articulating your emotions and seeking honest answers. Encourage transparency to foster understanding and resolution.

4. You might need to put a lot of space between you

During moments of overwhelming pressure, it’s crucial to prioritize self-care. Given that you’ll spend more time apart than together, creating distance becomes essential for self-preservation. Take the initiative to prioritize your well-being by allowing ample space to focus on yourself.

5. Shift the focus from him to you

Shift the focus from him to yourself. Prioritize self-care and concentrate on your own needs. Embrace moments with friends, engage in outings, and relish life’s pleasures. Treat yourself with care and affection. Through these actions, you’ll come to recognize your value and acknowledge that you deserve far more than a subpar “relationship.”

6. Know when to seek professional help

Navigating the role of the other woman can be challenging and emotionally taxing. Recognizing when it’s necessary to seek professional assistance is crucial. It’s essential to understand that seeking help is not a sign of failure, but rather a display of strength.

7. Seek real love

Ultimately, you recognize your worth and understand that you deserve better. So, why not venture out and seek it? Consider exploring the dating scene, not with the sole intention of discovering someone extraordinary, but simply to enjoy yourself.

You could stumble upon the individual who is truly destined for you, perhaps waiting just around the bend.

Being the other woman is a fate you shouldn’t seek

We’ve already discussed that love can be beyond our control, yet our actions are within our grasp. If you’ve found yourself enamored with a man who’s already taken and there seems to be no resolution, it’s crucial to take a proactive stance and recognize your own value.

Being a temporary partner likely isn’t your true desire, correct? So, why permit yourself to be used in such a manner? Regardless of your feelings for this individual, it’s time to shift your focus toward the future and the improved life that awaits you.

Being involved with a taken man may subject someone to criticism and mistreatment. However, it’s important to consider that her life may already be laden with challenges. Instead of passing harsh judgment, let’s strive to extend a compassionate hand to a woman who may simply be navigating a difficult path.

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