Long-Distance Friendship: What Makes It Work & 15 Ways to Stay Connected

Similar to romantic relationships, maintaining a long-distance friendship can face challenges. However, with a willingness to invest effort, it’s possible to preserve strong bonds of friendship.

Long-Distance Friendship: What Makes It Work & 15 Ways to Stay Connected


You and your best friend might find yourselves separated for various reasons. Perhaps they’ve enrolled in a school located far away, or their family has relocated. They might even secure a job that places them thousands of miles apart from you. This emphasizes the significance of understanding how to nurture a long-distance friendship.


Can such a friendship endure? How resilient must a bond be to withstand such geographical distances? It’s natural to feel apprehensive about the possibility of losing your best friend due to these circumstances, but there’s no need to worry. With the knowledge of how to sustain the friendship, you can navigate this challenge successfully.

Friendships take a lot of time and effort

Maintaining long-distance friendships requires more effort compared to local connections, yet this doesn’t imply that they lack enjoyment. After all, this is your friend, someone you cherish. Staying updated and setting aside time for each other, even in the absence of physical proximity, should still be an enjoyable experience.


Friendships are far from being mere trivial aspects of our lives. Instead, they constitute a significant source of our happiness. Without them, feelings of loneliness might prevail, even if you have a romantic partner. Friends exist on an entirely distinct level.

Nonetheless, this reality necessitates putting in extra effort to sustain an active friendship when face-to-face interactions are infrequent. Taking proactive measures is crucial to ensure you don’t miss out on the wonderful connection you share with your friend.

Can a long-distance friendship work?

If you have a friend who’s planning to move away, you might be pondering over this very question. The potential for a successful long-distance friendship is real.

Even though you’re separated by a considerable distance, it’s important to invest time in staying connected. Distance need not diminish the value of your friendship. Remember, absence often deepens affection, and with the right level of care and dedication, this relationship can retain its brilliance.

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Long-distance friendships are renowned for their resilience and can indeed thrive remarkably.

How to make a long-distance friendship work

Establishing a successful long-distance friendship entails adapting to new circumstances. It differs from your connections with friends who are in close proximity. The convenience of dropping by their house spontaneously may be absent, but this doesn’t imply that your bond must weaken.

Discovering the most effective strategies for you and your friend will require some experimentation. You’ll likely engage in activities that deviate from your usual routines. Fortunately, we’re equipped with all the insights you require to nurture a long-distance friendship that endures for many years.

1. Text and call regularly

This holds immense significance. You must uphold your connection through the same means you employed previously. The geographical distance should not be an excuse to halt all forms of communication. Quite the opposite, it necessitates an increased effort. Be proactive in maintaining communication and ensure you engage in regular conversations.

Stay updated about each other’s daily experiences. Discuss matters such as your social interactions, work, and family life. Just because you’re not physically present doesn’t imply you should refrain from sharing the aspects you’ve always shared.

2. Become pen pals

Your friend resides far away, and the usual activities you shared for bonding are no longer feasible. Establishing a pen-pal correspondence through written letters can be an excellent alternative!

While it might be a bit slower compared to sending lengthy texts, the charm of handwritten letters lies in their personal and intimate nature. People cherish receiving tangible mail, especially heartfelt letters from friends. You can even enhance the experience by including printed photographs from the past.

Letter writing fosters a deeper connection and encourages the sharing of more profound thoughts. Unlike the immediacy of text messages, letters offer a platform for meaningful and unhurried exchange. This format invites you to be candid and open up, sharing secrets and discussing life. The memories you create through this medium will undoubtedly be cherished in the future.

3. Snapchat frequently

Snapchat serves as an excellent platform for engaging in brief yet impactful communication that fosters a sense of closeness. Even when your friend is located miles away, the visual connection offered by seeing their face can make it seem like they’re right beside you. This approach can significantly contribute to maintaining a strong bond with your best friend.

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Share snapshots of your meals or capture moments while preparing their favorite dish. Capture adorable pictures of your pets, or showcase your daily outfit choices.

4. Video chat

Maintaining a strong connection can also involve video chatting. While phone calls and text messages are enjoyable, they can’t quite replicate the experience of an in-person interaction. While it’s not an exact substitute, video chats come closest when dealing with long-distance friendships.

You can engage in brief video chats for quick questions or seek advice, such as picking an outfit for a date. Alternatively, you can arrange lengthier conversations and even share a virtual meal together.

5. Watch movies on the same nights

This approach aims to preserve a feeling of shared presence. If going to the movies was a common activity for you both, consider continuing it. You don’t necessarily need to be physically side by side to watch a movie simultaneously on the same day. This practice effectively maintains a sense of continuity despite the distance.

When you both share an affinity for a particular TV show, you can opt to watch it together during a video chat or exchange texts during commercial breaks.

6. Send each other funny memes

Curiously, this simple action can significantly bolster friendships more effectively than many other methods. Quite often, our lives lack noteworthy events worthy of a phone call or video chat.

Consequently, the frequency of your conversations might decline compared to when you interacted more regularly. To bridge this gap, exchanging amusing memes becomes an excellent option. This approach keeps the entertainment alive even from a distance. Whether time constraints prevent a chat or if there’s not much to discuss, sending a humorous meme serves as a thoughtful way to convey that you’re still thinking of them.

7. Talk about major world news and events

Merely engaging in superficial conversations won’t suffice to ensure your friendship remains unchanged. If you previously delved into significant topics, it’s crucial to continue those discussions. Nurturing a robust emotional connection in a long-distance friendship entails addressing sensitive matters, as these exchanges contribute to its strength.

By openly tackling challenging subjects, you have the opportunity to cultivate your bond and gain deeper insights into each other’s lives, ultimately enhancing your mutual understanding.

8. Update them on your life and vice versa

Even if it seems trivial and insignificant, it’s still worthwhile to discuss it with them. When they were in closer proximity, they naturally picked up on various aspects of your life simply by being present.

Odds are, they’ll appreciate hearing about it, irrespective of its perceived importance. Engaging in these conversations contributes to upholding the illusion that your closeness remains intact despite the physical distance.

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9. Reminisce about fun things in the past

Sustaining your friendship involves cherishing the positive aspects. This not only brings happiness to both of you but also instills a desire to recreate those enjoyable moments. With this drive, you’ll be more inclined to invest the necessary effort in maintaining the strength of your friendship.

Share old photos that resurface online. Inform your friend when you encounter someone from your past. Occasionally, certain memories might be tucked away due to embarrassment, yet revisiting them with a friend can transform cringing into smiling as you collectively reminisce.

10. Maintain connections with their family if you were close

If you used to be able to casually enter their parents’ house and retrieve something from the fridge when they were close by, continue to maintain that connection. While sending a courteous text beforehand might be advisable, you can still uphold a robust rapport with their family if you had one previously.

11. Take trips together

Make an effort to visit them whenever the opportunity arises. You could even coordinate vacations and meet halfway between your locations. Despite the distance, the desire to spend time together in person remains. These occasions provide a chance to reconnect, catch up, and reestablish the rhythm of your relationship before resuming your individual paths once more.

12. Don’t let too much time pass

Life can become quite hectic. Due to the physical separation, it’s possible to unintentionally neglect texting them for a couple of days. While this is a common occurrence, it’s important to avoid letting too much time elapse. This can lead to drifting apart without even realizing it. Even a simple gesture like sending a meme or a funny video can help you maintain a connection and stay in touch.

13. Send gifts

You don’t have to break the bank, but sending small care packages can be incredibly thoughtful. If you’re still in your hometown and they’re farther away, consider sending them local treats that are unique to your region. It could be that sweater they’ve always admired or even a book you’ve read and enjoyed.

14. Plan dates

Similar to a romantic couple, scheduling dates is crucial. Without setting aside dedicated time, your long-distance friendship could easily fade into the background. Designate regular intervals for enjoyable activities like extended video chats, perhaps once a week. Consider cooking a meal together virtually or surprising each other by ordering each other’s favorite take-out, introducing a new and thrilling element to your connection.

15. Do everything you would do if you were able to see each other

Of course, there are limits to what can be done. However, the goal is to ensure that the essence remains unchanged despite the change in address. Share photos, engage in text conversations about your lives, or even make that drunken call to express your love. It’s essential to convey that the shift in zip codes doesn’t signify any alteration in the bond you share.

The reality is, upholding a long-distance friendship mirrors the efforts required in nurturing a successful long-distance romantic relationship. It demands consistent, proactive measures to stay connected and fortify your relationship on a daily basis.

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