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Definition and meaning of “rainbow kiss” 



Have you ever heard the phrase “rainbow kiss” from your friends or acquaintances and wondered what it meant? The purpose of today’s post is to clarify the definition and application of the term “rainbow kiss.” What kind of kissing is it, exactly?

What is the meaning of a rainbow kiss?

Rainbow kiss may appear to be a childish expression, but it is actually an adult term that refers to an unusual form of intimate interaction between two individuals. A rainbow kiss is a kiss between a woman who is on her period and the other person, who is usually a man. He obtains blood in his mouth after performing oral sex on her. Then she has oral sex with him and obtains sperm. They kiss and combine the contents of their mouths after that.

Some people like rainbow kissing after sex in the sixty-nine position, while others prefer it in turn. Everyone’s sexual preferences are up to them. Some fans believe that mixing blood and sperm produces a rainbow tint, which is how the name “rainbow kiss” came to be.

Many individuals are unaware of what a rainbow kiss is since some people believe these bedtime experiments to be too extreme for their liking. Others, on the other hand, believe that this is simply a reasonable way to spice up their sexual life. In any case, this is a relatively new pastime, and you may be hearing about it for the first time.

Rainbow kiss: other meanings

A drama called “Rainbow Kiss,” created by Scottish writer Simon Farquhar, is also available. It was performed in London and garnered largely excellent reviews.

The term “rainbow kiss” was defined in this article. Now that you know what it is, you are free to make your own opinion on it.

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