Flo and Kay Lyman death : What happened to Flo and Kay Lyman?

Flo and Kay Lyman


“Are Flo and Kay Lyman Still Alive? Dispelling Rumors of Their Passing”

Flo and Kay Lyman’s existence has defied typical expectations since birth. Despite initial perceptions of mental challenges, the twins have triumphed over adversity.

Renowned as the only female autistic savant twins globally, their condition, known as savantism, enables them to showcase remarkable feats of genius beyond their anticipated capabilities, often associated with developmental disorders like autism.

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Flo and Kay Lyman death : What happened to Flo and Kay Lyman?

Flo and Kay‘s extraordinary memory recall is among their many talents. They can effortlessly determine the day of the week for any date, even extending to future dates. Remarkably, they vividly remember the weather and their breakfast choices for various days of their lives.

Psychologist Dr. David Holmes emphasizes the parallel between their methodical minds and their organized lifestyles. Creating order in their environment fosters a sense of security for them.

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At 52 years of age, the twins exude a lively and sociable demeanor. With an ardent love for music, they delight in attending concerts and find joy in laughter. Their dynamic personality contradicts the conventional portrayal of individuals with autism.


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