30 Insane Florida Man Headlines That Kept the Meme Alive

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Florida Man Headlines


Bizarre, comical, and outrageous occurrences in Florida have gained widespread internet fame through the Florida Man meme phenomenon. These headlines featuring Florida Man have been circulating online since 2013, showcasing individuals engaging in peculiar acts, ranging from crimes to humorous antics.

Florida Man headlines stand as a longstanding presence in the world of memes, consistently populating social media with their peculiar and amusing narratives. Countless links and stories about the Sunshine State’s most unusual events have been shared across the web. Below, we present some of the headlines that have contributed to the enduring popularity of this meme.

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Best Florida Man headlines

Although the internet is teeming with Florida Man headlines, a select few stories have truly made an impact. Presented below is a compilation of the most remarkable Florida Man tales that are bound to astonish you.

1. Florida man breaks into a house, cleans it and leaves behind origami

In 2019, a man named Nate Roman, hailing from Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA, shared a rather amusing incident that took everyone by surprise. Upon returning home, he was astonished to discover an intruder who had not only entered his residence but had also taken it upon themselves to clean the entire house, even going so far as to arrange his bed and meticulously scrub the toilets. Adding to the surrealness of the situation, the intruder had left behind origami roses atop the toilet paper rolls.


2. Florida Man blows a .339 blood alcohol level and gets a DUI on a golf cart

Alfred Constant Mathieu embarked on a leisurely cruise in his golf cart, but as he navigated a highway, law enforcement officers pulled him over due to their observation of his intoxicated state. Subsequent blood alcohol content testing revealed a staggering level of .339, well beyond the permissible legal limit, leading to his immediate arrest.

30 Insane Florida Man Headlines That Kept the Meme Alive
Woman reading a newspaper. Photo:, @artemmalushenko (modified by author)
Source: UGC

3. Florida Man flees cops so fast that some of his clothes come off. So police identify him with DNA from his sock

At the scene of a shooting in St. Petersburg, Florida, law enforcement authorities discovered only a pair of denim shorts, a single sandal, and a lone sock, left behind by the suspects as they fled. Surprisingly, these seemingly mundane socks would later become crucial evidence, as DNA analysis extracted from one of them conclusively matched Octavius Jessie Henderson, ultimately leading to the identification of the shooting suspect.

4. Florida man tries to walk out of a store with a chainsaw stuffed down his pants

Anthony Ballard elevated the act of shoplifting to a new level when he attempted to steal a chainsaw. According to reports, he entered Treasure Coast Lawn Equipment, engaging the cashier in casual conversation as he discreetly concealed the power tool within his pants.

5. Florida man arrested for calling 911 after his cat was denied entry into a club

Everett Lages brought his kitten to a Florida nightclub but was refused entry by the establishment’s staff. Rather than departing, he dialed 911, and upon the arrival of law enforcement officers, he displayed uncooperative behavior and persisted in calling 911 repeatedly. Consequently, he was apprehended for the misuse of the emergency 911 service.

6. Florida man arrested for crashing car into a mall; says he was trying to time travel

A vehicle collided with a mall located on North Davis Highway in Pensacola, Florida. When the police interrogated the unnamed individual behind the wheel of the Dodge Challenger, he claimed that he was attempting to engage in time travel at the moment of the incident.

7. Police say a Florida man with no arms and no legs is armed and on the run

Florida law enforcement authorities were actively searching for a person linked to a distressing incident. The suspect, Sean Petrozzino, is a quadruple amputee who resided with his parents following a separation from his spouse. Public warnings were issued by the police, cautioning that Petrozzino was armed and evading capture.

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8. Florida man impersonating a police officer pulls over real cops

Matthew Joseph Erris faced arrest in April 2019 for impersonating a police officer. Unaware that he had pulled over an undercover law enforcement officer, Matthew was subsequently reported by the undercover cop, who placed a 911 call to alert genuine police officers, leading to Erris’s apprehension.

9. Florida man calls 911 after PlayStation stopped working

An anonymous individual in Florida dialed 911 to seek information regarding the malfunction of his PlayStation system. His inquiry pertained to a potential network problem.

10. Florida man and his pet chicken develop social media fame

In Niceville, Florida, a gentleman achieved widespread recognition on social media due to his close bond with his pet chicken. They shared an almost inseparable companionship, frequently spotted together at various locations, reveling in their time together. Dave Cox and his chicken, Sammi, have amassed a substantial following on Instagram.

Craziest Florida Man headlines

Among the myriad tales of Florida Man circulating on the internet, there are those that stand out for their extraordinary and somewhat eccentric nature. Presented below are some Florida Man stories that are sure to strike you as particularly unusual.

30 Insane Florida Man Headlines That Kept the Meme Alive
A man reading a newspaper. Photo:, @danielfridaydanzor (modified by author)
Source: UGC

1. Florida man arrested for trying to get alligator drunk

In August 2019, police arrested two individuals in Florida for providing beer to an alligator they had captured. A video depicted Timothy Kepke and Noah Osborne forcibly pouring beer into the alligator’s mouth.

2. Florida man fights off an alligator that attacked his dog

Trent Tweddale’s routine morning stroll with his dog Loki took a harrowing turn when an alligator assaulted his canine companion. In a courageous effort to save his pet, the dog owner became entangled in a struggle with the alligator, ultimately managing to rescue his dog, albeit with minor injuries.

3. Florida man arrested after botched castration surgery

Gary Van Ryswyk gained notoriety in August 2019 when he was apprehended for attempting an unsuccessful castration procedure. Van Ryswyk had connected with another individual online and together, they decided to undertake the surgery, despite his lack of a medical license.

4. Florida man in Largo tells police, “Just take me to jail.”

In March 2022, surveillance footage revealed Kyle Futch as the individual captured taking boots from a store without making any payment. When law enforcement officers arrived at his residence to apprehend him, he willingly asked them to take him into custody.

5. Florida man busted with guns and baby alligator in truck

In April 2022, law enforcement officers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle operated by Michael Marolla. During their search of the truck, they discovered firearms. Their surprise escalated when they came across a baby alligator in the truck’s bed.

6. Unique piece of evidence helps police finger Florida man in robbery

William Carroll was accused of robbing a woman at knifepoint and stealing her backpack. Although the police apprehended him, they initially had no concrete evidence linking him to the crime scene. However, a breakthrough came when they noticed a brown stain on his shirt that matched the appearance of dog feces found at the scene.

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7. Florida man driving a car with two missing tires blames it on paranormal activity

In November 2022, law enforcement officers conducted a traffic stop on a driver who was operating a vehicle with only two wheels. The driver offered an explanation to the officers, stating that someone had placed a curse on him, forcing him to drive away hastily, which resulted in the damage to his vehicle.

8. Florida man has a great time in someone else’s vacation rental

Zachary Seth Murdock faced arrest for unlawfully entering a vacation rental property, where he proceeded to take a bath and prepare a cup of coffee. His identity came to light when his bus ticket was discovered in the kitchen trash bin.

9. Florida man busted for stealing his twin brother’s identity

In April 2022, Wayne Bowen admitted his guilt in a case involving the theft of his twin brother’s identity. He employed his estranged sibling’s name, Social Security card, and military discharge documents to seek federally subsidized housing benefits.

10. Florida man drives stolen truck to Space Force base to warn of a battle between aliens and dragons

In July 2022, Corey Johnson faced grand auto theft charges after stealing a Ford F-150 and driving it to a Space Force base to convey a warning to the government regarding mythical creatures. He informed authorities that there was a conflict between U.S. aliens and Chinese dragons.

Funny Florida man headlines

Some of the stories associated with this meme are bound to tickle your funny bone. Below, you’ll find a compilation of the most humorous Florida Man headlines.

30 Insane Florida Man Headlines That Kept the Meme Alive
A man surfing the internet on a smartphone at home. Photo:, @matheusbertelli (modified by author)
Source: UGC

1. Florida man tries to evade arrest by cartwheeling away from cops

In July 2020, an individual whose identity remains undisclosed was arrested by law enforcement officers for obstructing traffic after performing a flip in the middle of the road. Despite briefly managing to break free, the individual attempted to escape by cartwheeling but was subsequently apprehended.

2. Florida man driving with a clown mannequin had a live grenade in his pickup truck

In October 2021, a Florida resident was pulled over and questioned regarding the use of an expired driver’s license. As the police grew suspicious, they conducted a search of his vehicle, ultimately discovering a live grenade.

3. Trash talking: Florida man captures alligator with bin

When Eugene Bozzi’s daughter reported seeing a large and potentially dangerous alligator, he sprang into action to protect the children. Much to everyone’s astonishment, this U.S. Army veteran utilized a trash bin to capture the alligator.

4. Florida man trapped in an unlocked closet for two days

A man and woman from Florida spent a full two days inside a closet, mistakenly believing it was securely locked. After calling 911 for assistance, the police arrived, only to discover that the closet was, in fact, unlocked, and the couple had the freedom to exit at any time they wished.

5. A lame dad joke gets Florida man banned from Disney World for life

In September 2015, David Swindle, dissatisfied with the service he received from a Disney World attendant, remarked that he could construct a meth lab in less time than it took to receive assistance. As a consequence, he was issued a lifetime ban from Disney World.

6. Florida man accused of jumping naked on neighbour’s trampoline before breaking into a home

Adrian Lee Gonzalez-Bradway, a resident of Lehigh Acres, Florida, faced arrest after he was found bouncing naked on his neighbor’s trampoline and making an attempt to enter her residence. Additionally, during the arrest, he was allegedly observed consuming grass.

7. Florida man jumps into Bass Pro Shops fish tank in South Florida

An individual in South Florida leaped into the fish tank at Bass Pro Shops before quickly fleeing the store. Later on, they voluntarily surrendered to authorities, explaining that it was a spontaneous act and not something they had originally planned to do.

8. Florida man protects his car from Hurricane Dorian by parking it inside his kitchen

Wary of the potential threat Hurricane Dorian posed to his smart car, Patrick Eldridge opted for an unconventional solution: he secured his vehicle by parking it inside his kitchen. The garage was not an option, as it was already occupied by his wife’s car.

9. Florida man killed by an alligator while hiding from cops

In November 2015, a suspected burglar named Matthew Riggins met a tragic fate when he was killed and partially consumed by an alligator while attempting to elude arrest by the police. Reports suggest that Matthew was in hiding in Barefoot Bay Lake when the alligator attacked.

10. A Florida man was bitten in the face by an alligator while playing disc golf

In October 2019, a man searching for a Frisbee to play disc golf suffered a severe attack by an alligator, resulting in a face bite and the loss of his left arm during the early hours of Friday morning.

Florida Man headlines have maintained their presence for an extended period, and as new events unfold in the Sunshine State, this meme will persist as a trending topic. While some stories are peculiar and alarming, others are captivating, providing ample material to share with your friends and family.


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