Chris Brown net worth, age, height, girlfriend, biography

Chris Brown net worth
Chris Brown net worth, age, height, girlfriend, biography.

Chris Brown net worth – Chris Brown boasts a substantial net worth of $60 million, attributed to his versatile career as a singer-songwriter, dancer, graffiti artist, and actor. He is a widely recognized and accomplished American entertainer, celebrated for his multifaceted talents and contributions to various aspects of the entertainment industry.

Chris Brown Profile summary

Name Christopher Maurice Brown (Chris Brown)
Date of Birth May 5, 1989
Age 34 years
Gender Male
Profession Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Actor
Genres R&B, Hip hop, Pop
Nationality American
Country America
Residence America
Networth $50 Million

Chris Brown net worth, age, height, girlfriend, biographyChris Brown Biography & Early Life

During his formative years, Brown’s passion for music was already evident as he actively participated in his church choir and various talent shows. Music had a constant presence in his life, with young Brown frequently immersing himself in soul albums from his parents’ collection.

One of his greatest inspirations was the legendary Michael Jackson, and from a young age, Brown took it upon himself to learn the art of singing and dancing. His innate talent for vocals became apparent when his mother heard him flawlessly imitating Usher during a performance of “My Way.” Recognizing his potential, they began the quest for a record deal.


It was at the tender age of 13 that Chris Brown was discovered by Hitmission Records. Recognizing his potential, Hitmission Records provided him with a vocal coach and, under his stage name “C. Sizzle,” assisted him in creating a demo package.

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During this time, Brown was still determined to secure a record deal and continued making valuable connections in New York to pursue his dream.


Chris Brown Education and Professional Career 

He attended Essex High School in Virginia until late 2004, after which he made a significant move to New York to pursue his burgeoning musical career.

After undergoing a series of auditions, Chris Brown secured a place with Jive Records in the same year, 2004.

Chris Brown’s debut album, simply titled “Chris Brown,” was launched on November 29, 2005. The album made a striking debut, entering the Billboard 200 chart at number two and achieving 154,000 sales in its very first week.

Subsequently, Chris Brown continued to release a string of projects that garnered widespread global acclaim and achieved commercial success. These include the “Exclusive” album (2007), a series of graffiti art and mixtapes (2009-2010), the “F.A.M.E” album (2011), “Fortune” (2012), “X” (2014), “Royalty” (2015), “Heartbreak on a Full Moon” (2017), “Indigo” (2019), and his upcoming and tenth studio album titled “Breezy,” set for release on June 24, 2022. Additionally, on June 17, 2022, Chris Brown released the first single from the upcoming “Breezy” album, titled “Call Me Everyday,” featuring renowned Nigerian artist WizKid.

Chris Brown Net Worth

According to Forbes’ report in September 2021, Chris Brown was estimated to possess a net worth of approximately $50 million. This financial assessment takes into account various sources of income, including earnings from his music career, concert tours, business ventures, endorsements, and other financial assets. It’s important to note that net worth figures are subject to fluctuations and may evolve over time due to factors such as new music releases, successful business endeavors, and investments. To obtain the most current and accurate information regarding Chris Brown’s net worth, it is advisable to refer to the latest financial reports or credible sources.

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Chris Brown Personal Life

Chris Brown boasts an admirable stature, standing at 6 feet 1 inch (185cm) tall. He possesses a solid and robust physique, maintaining an average weight of 81 kg. His distinctive features include deep brown eyes and a body adorned with tattoos. His hair color frequently changes as he enjoys experimenting with permanent dye.

At present, Chris Brown is not in a committed relationship. In 2009, he was romantically involved with the renowned singer Rihanna, but their relationship could not withstand the challenges it faced. Their relationship officially came to an end when Chris Brown faced assault charges against Rihanna, and he was found guilty.

Despite the tumultuous breakup, they attempted to rekindle their romance a few years later. However, their love story was not destined to endure, as Rihanna made a surprising announcement in 2013, revealing that they had parted ways once again.Chris Brown net worth, age, height, girlfriend, biography

In 2015, Chris Brown became a father when he welcomed his daughter, Royalty Brown, with the well-known model Nia Guzman. During his free time, the singer enjoys spending quality moments with his baby girl. In a display of his affection, he even had a tattoo of his daughter’s likeness inked onto his back. However, Nia Guzman, Royalty Brown’s mother, expressed dissatisfaction with Chris Brown’s involvement in their daughter’s life and sought financial support through alimony in court. Ultimately, the court ruled that Chris Brown could spend only two weeks per month with his daughter.

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Aside from his family life, Chris Brown has a passion for fast cars and maintains a frequently changing collection of vehicles. He considers legendary figures like Michael Jackson and Usher as his role models.Chris Brown net worth, age, height, girlfriend, biography

In 2019, Chris Brown expanded his family once more when he had a child named Aeko Catori Brown with Ammika Harris.

Chris Brown’s romantic relationships have been quite diverse. He has been involved with various individuals, including Gina Huynh in 2020, Diamond Brown in 2019, Agnez Mo from 2017 to 2019, Vanessa Vargas in 2017, Ammika Harris in 2015, Amy Shehab in 2015, Blair Pena from 2013 to 2015, Karizma Ramir in 2013, and Karrueche Tran from 2010 to 2015, among others.

Additionally, there have been rumors of Chris Brown being linked with several other individuals, including Krista Santiago in 2016, Cydney Christine in 2016, Montana Tucker in 2016, Indyamarie in 2015, Briona Mae in 2015, Tinashe in 2015, Brittany Renner in 2015, Rhea Dummett in 2014, Nia Amey in 2013, Keisha Kimball in 2013, Jasmine Sanders in 2010, Joie Chavis, Lisa Ann in 2010, Joanna Hernandez in 2009, Natalie Nunn in 2009, Natalie Mejia in 2009, and Karrine Steffans in 2007.

Chris Brown Discography

Chris Brown has delighted his fans with numerous hit songs, yet there is still anticipation for more to come from the American artist.

His albums include;

  • Chris Brown (2005)
  • Exclusive (2007)
  • Graffiti (2009)
  • F.A.M.E. (2011)
  • Fortune (2012)
  • X (2014)
  • Royalty (2015)
  • Heartbreak on a Full Moon (2017)
  • Indigo (2019)
  • Breezy (2021)

Collaborative Albums:

  • Fan of a Fan: The Album (with Tyga) (2015)

Notable Mixtapes:

    • In My Zone (2010)
    • In My Zone 2 (2010)
    • Boy in Detention (2011)
    • X Files (2013)
    • Before the Party (2015).

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