David Muir’s Sexual Orientation: Unveiling the ABC Anchor’s Relationship History

David Muir


David Muir is a renowned American journalist, known for his role as the anchor of ABC World News Tonight with David Muir. Despite his widespread fame and professional talent, there has been a persistent and speculative curiosity surrounding a particular aspect of his personal life: his sexual orientation. Is David Muir gay?

Born on November 8, 1973, in Syracuse, New York, David Muir embarked on his career journey by securing a journalism degree from Syracuse University in 1995. He initially worked at WTVH-TV in Syracuse. In the year 2000, Muir made the move to WCVB-TV Boston, and just three years later, ABC brought him on board as an overnight anchor for ABC’s World News Now in 2003.


For nearly a decade, Muir has served as ABC’s weekend news anchor for World News with David Muir, and he also co-hosts 20/20. Throughout his career, this accomplished journalist has garnered numerous accolades, including multiple Emmy and Edward R. Murrow awards.

Is David Muir gay?

David Muir’s sexual orientation has been a topic of speculation due to past associations with both male and female partners. Speculation about his sexuality began when he was observed frequenting gay bars on multiple occasions. However, it’s important to note that reported romantic involvements have not been confirmed or denied by him, leaving them as unverified allegations.

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The truth about David Muir’s relationships

The public’s keen interest in David Muir’s romantic life stems from his status as a public figure. However, the ABC News anchor maintains a high level of privacy regarding his personal affairs. Consequently, various rumors circulate about his past relationships, yet concrete evidence remains elusive. Here are three individuals who have been rumored to have had romantic involvement with the ABC News reporter:

David Muir and Gio Benitez

David Muir's Sexual Orientation: Unveiling the ABC Anchor's Relationship History
David Muir takes a selfie with his dog. Photo: @davidmuirabc
Source: Instagram

In 2015, fans speculated that David Muir and fellow ABC News journalist Gio Benitez were in a long-term relationship. They often spent time together and shared pictures on social media, which led fans to interpret their closeness as a romantic connection. Notably, Gio is openly gay. However, any rumors of a romantic involvement between them were put to rest when Gio married Tommy DiDario on September 17, 2015, in a small ceremony in Miami, Florida.

Despite the earlier gossip, David and Gio continue to collaborate at ABC News and maintain a close friendship. Nevertheless, they have never publicly addressed or confirmed any claims regarding their romantic relationship.

David Muir and Kate Dries

David Muir's Sexual Orientation: Unveiling the ABC Anchor's Relationship History
David Muir reporting news in the ABC studio. Photo: @davidmuirabc
Source: Instagram

On September 10, 2015, Kate Dries, the former deputy editor of Jezebel, publicly revealed that she was in a relationship with David Muir. She shared lighthearted anecdotes about their first date and courtship in an article titled “Report Indicates My Boyfriend David Muir Is a ‘Monster’.”

Dries also mentioned that she had taken some of the photos David posted on his Instagram page. Despite fans’ anticipation for a response from the ABC News journalist regarding Kate’s claims, David Muir chose to remain silent on the matter.

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Since the publication of the article, there have been no further reports linking the two romantically. Consequently, fans have speculated that they either ended their relationship or that Kate’s assertion about being David Muir’s girlfriend may not have been accurate.

David Muir and Kelly Ripa

David Muir's Sexual Orientation: Unveiling the ABC Anchor's Relationship History
David Muir sitting on a couch. Photo: @davidmuirabc
Source: Instagram

ABC News journalist David Muir shares a close friendship with American actress Kelly Ripa. At one point, Muir posted a picture on Instagram showing them enjoying each other’s company. This photo led to speculation among fans that they might have had a discreet romantic involvement, until Kelly married actor Mark Consuelos in 1996.

Kelly’s marriage made it clear that she was not in a romantic relationship with David Muir. Instead, they maintain a strong friendship and frequently spend time together with each other’s families.

David Muir and Sean

David Muir's Sexual Orientation: Unveiling the ABC Anchor's Relationship History
David Muir carrying Christmas rings made from leaves. Photo: @davidmuirabc
Source: Instagram

In 2022, the ABC journalist was rumored to be connected to an individual named Sean, whose reported identity is that of the founder and Managing Director of the swimwear brand aussieBum. Nevertheless, as with all previous rumored relationships, there is no substantiated evidence to confirm this alleged connection or any potential marriage.

Is David Muir straight?

The news anchor has chosen to maintain his privacy regarding his sexuality, and David Muir’s personal life remains undisclosed to the public. While numerous speculations circulate about his sexual orientation, it’s important to note that there is no concrete evidence available to substantiate these assumptions.

Who is David Muir dating now?

In 2022, David Muir was associated with an undisclosed individual referred to only as Sean. Despite the absence of any public confirmation or introduction of a romantic partner by Muir, fans continue to speculate that they are still in a relationship.

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Is David Muir married to Kate Dries?

No, David Muir is not married to Kate Dries. Kate Dries is married to actor Mark Consuelos.

Who is David Muir’s partner?

There were rumors connecting him to an unidentified individual named Sean in 2022, yet there is no substantiated evidence to confirm Sean’s existence or any relationship with David.

David Muir's Sexual Orientation: Unveiling the ABC Anchor's Relationship History
David Muir sitting on a bench with a glass of liquor. Photo: @davidmuirabc
Source: Instagram

Is David Muir married?

David Muir, the ABC News reporter, keeps his love life extremely private, and as a result, it is impossible to determine whether he is married, single, or in a same-sex relationship.

Does David Muir have children?

The ABC News anchor doesn’t have any children but maintains close bonds with his family. He shares his home with his dog, Axel, and frequently enjoys quality time with his nephews and nieces.

On David Muir’s Instagram page, @davidmuirabc, you’ll find photos of his nieces and nephews, whom he affectionately refers to as his “squad.” In addition to his extended family, David has an older sister named Rebecca and two step-siblings. He also maintains a close relationship with his mother, Pat.

What is David Muir’s ancestry?

He has a diverse heritage that includes Irish, English, Scottish, German, and Sicilian roots.

Is David Muir leaving World News Tonight?

David is not departing from World News Tonight. Given that he has served as the program’s news anchor for a decade and seldom takes time off from his responsibilities, viewers eagerly awaited his return when they observed his brief absence in July 2023.

For those curious about David Muir’s sexual orientation, determining it is challenging. This is because the ABC News journalist safeguards his romantic life from the public eye, refrains from discussing his sexuality publicly, and maintains strong relationships with individuals he has been rumored to have dated.


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