Khaled Khalifa cause of death, wife, children, funeral

Khaled Khalifa


The late Khaled Khalifa was a multifaceted Syrian artist, known as a novelist, screenwriter, and poet. His literary achievements include three nominations and two shortlistings for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction. His works frequently carried critical perspectives on the Syrian Baathist government, leading to their prohibition within the country.

Khaled Khalifa completed his education at Al-Mutanabbi High School in 1982 and pursued a degree in law at Aleppo University in 1988. He was actively involved in the establishment of Aleph magazine alongside a group of fellow writers and poets. Unfortunately, the magazine faced closure by Syrian censorship just a few months after its launch.

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Khaled Khalifa’s cause of death

Khaled Khalifa tragically passed away from a cardiac arrest at his residence in Damascus on September 30, 2023, at the age of 59.

Khaled Khalifa wife

Khaled Khalifa’s marital status was not disclosed, and information about his spouse remains undisclosed.


Khaled Khalifa children

Khaled Khalifa’s children are not publicly known or disclosed.

Khaled Khalifa funeral

The funeral arrangements for Khaled Khalifa have not been announced yet. There is speculation that he may be laid to rest in Damascus, where he spent his entire life.

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