Linda McMahon net worth, age, husband, career, biography and latest updates

Linda McMahon net worth, age, husband, career, biography and latest updates


The ex-director of the US Small Business Administration, Linda McMahon, possesses a substantial net worth of $3.1 billion. She is a prominent figure among wrestling fans, often referred to as the “Queen of Wrestling,” and is in a marital union with the renowned “King of Wrestling,” Vince McMahon.

Linda McMahon also held the position of Chief Executive Officer at the largest wrestling company globally. She played a pivotal role in differentiating between traditional wrestling and the world of professional wrestling. Her significant influence prompted numerous wrestling organizations to seek her endorsement in order to become part of her wrestling empire.


Linda McMahon Profile Summary

Attribute Information
Full Name Linda Marie McMahon/Edwards
Birth Place New Bern, North Carolina, United States
Date Of Birth October 4, 1948
Age 75 years old
Height 169 cm (5 feet 7 inches)
Weight 60 kg (132 lbs)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Light Brown
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Boyfriend N/A
Husband/Spouse Name Vince McMahon (m. 1966–2022)
Kids/Children Name Shane and Stephanie McMahon
Father Name Henry Edwards
Mother Name Evelyn Edwards
Siblings N/A
School Havelock High School
College East Carolina University
Religion Catholic
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Libra
Gender Female
Profession Former political executive
Net Worth $3.1 billion

Linda McMahon Biography

Linda McMahon, an extraordinary individual with a captivating life story, was born on October 4, 1948, in New Bern, North Carolina, under the name Linda Marie Edwards. Her journey to fame commenced when she met Vincent Kennedy McMahon Jr., who would later become her spouse. Their story unfolded within the enthralling realm of professional wrestling, ultimately reshaping it into the worldwide phenomenon it is today.

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Linda McMahon Early Life

Linda’s life took a momentous turn when she met and wed Vincent Kennedy McMahon Jr., who was then working under the guidance of his father, Vince McMahon Senior. It was during this period that Linda proposed a groundbreaking idea to her husband – the acquisition of the company from Vince McMahon Senior. Encouraged by her suggestion, Vince McMahon embarked on the audacious venture of purchasing WWF (World Wrestling Federation) from his father. This marked the inception of a voyage that would revolutionize the realm of professional wrestling.


Linda McMahon net worth, age, husband, career, biography and latest updates

Linda McMahon Building a Wrestling Empire

After obtaining WWF, Linda McMahon and Vince McMahon set forth on an ambitious quest. Their objective was to establish a wrestling dynasty that would hold sway over the entire industry. They initiated this endeavor by procuring various other wrestling entities, gradually extending their sphere of influence. Despite their ongoing expansion, the McMahons encountered legal disputes that necessitated a substantial transformation. Owing to legal challenges, WWF was compelled to undergo a rebranding process, emerging as WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

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Linda McMahon Versatile Roles

Linda McMahon’s odyssey in the realm of professional wrestling was marked by dynamic engagement. She demonstrated her adaptability by participating in the organization across various capacities. There were occasions when she assumed the responsibilities of a road manager, overseeing the flawless execution of event logistics. At other times, she took on the mantle of Chief Executive Officer, steering the organization’s strategic direction. Her multifaceted contributions were instrumental in molding WWE into the worldwide sensation it has become today.

Linda McMahon Political Career

Lately, Linda McMahon has taken up residence in Washington, DC, concentrating on her political endeavors. Her Washington DC residence is valued at approximately four million dollars, underlining her commitment to effecting change in the realm of politics. Be sure to stay updated for further developments concerning notable personalities in both the celebrity and political spheres.

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Linda McMahon net worth, age, husband, career, biography and latest updates

Linda McMahon Net Worth

The renowned former head of the United States Small Business Administration, Linda McMahon, boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $3.1 billion, as reported by multiple online sources, including Forbes, Wikipedia, and IMDB.

What is the net worth of Linda McMahon?

Her total net worth is approximately $3.1 Billion.

How old is Linda McMahon?

Linda McMahon is currently 74 years old, having been born on October 4, 1948.

How much does Linda McMahon make annually?

She earns an estimated salary of $200 Million per year.

What is the height of Linda McMahon?

She stands at a height of 1.69 meters (5 feet 7 inches).

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