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Morgan Harvey


Morgan Harvey is the second eldest among the adult children of Steve and Marjorie Harvey. The older twins are Brandi and Karli. Stephen Harvey, widely recognized as a television and radio host, actor, author, entrepreneur, and former stand-up comedian, is Morgan’s father. He is the host of various shows, including The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Family Feud, Celebrity Family Feud, the Miss Universe pageant, and the upcoming unique limited-series court comedy, Judge Steve Harvey.

Morgan Harvey: Profile summary

Full Name Morgan Harvey
First Name Morgan
Last Name Harvey
Profession Food Blogger and Cookbook Author
Father Name Steve Harvey
Father Profession American television presenter
Mother Name Marjorie Harvey
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Gemini
Marital Status Married
Spouse Kareem Hawthorne
Sibilings Brandi Harvey, Jason Harvey and Lori Harvey
Date of Birth June 1,1987
Age 34 years
Married Date October 12,2013

Morgan Harvey: Age

As of 2023, Morgan is 36 years old, having been born on June 1, 1987, in the United States. She marks her birthday on June 1st annually.


Morgan Harvey: Wiki, Childhood and Early Life

Morgan Harvey came into this world on June 1, 1985, in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, as the offspring of Darnell Woods and Marjorie Bridges. She proudly holds American nationality with an African American heritage, and she identifies herself under the zodiac sign Gemini. Notably, her birth mother Marjorie was previously wed to Jim.

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Both Darnell and Jim were involved in drug dealing activities. However, their illicit operations came to a halt in 1992 when they were arrested for their narcotics endeavors. This unfortunate incident led to the separation of Morgan’s biological parents, as her mother Marjorie chose to divorce Darnell due to his prison sentence stemming from his criminal actions. Consequently, Morgan faced considerable challenges during her early years.


Darnell Woods is confirmed to be Morgan Harvey’s biological father and was indeed engaged in narcotics trade. Following his arrest and subsequent divorce, Marjorie largely refrains from discussing her former spouse. While growing up, Morgan shared her formative years with two siblings: Lori Harvey and Jason Harvey. Notably, all three siblings were welcomed into the family by Steve Harvey, who adopted them. Lori, her sister, found her path in the fashion industry as a model, while her brother Jason established Yevrah, a women’s footwear company.

Regarding her education, Morgan Harvey accomplished her studies at the esteemed Culinary Institute of America and went on to found “I Need Some Mo.” Through this venture, she advocates for healthy lifestyles by sharing recipes and wellness tips.

Morgan Harvey: Career

Morgan Harvey boasts a background enriched by her roles in prestigious bakeries and outstanding event companies. She has not only conducted culinary workshops but has also graced The Steve Harvey Show, showcasing her culinary creations. Her journey took a pivotal turn with the inception of “In Need of Some Mo,” a platform she initiated to extend her love for cooking and uncomplicated recipes to a global audience.

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“I Need Some Mo,” the brainchild of Morgan Harvey, finds its roots in her aspiration to spread her culinary zeal. Among her achievements, she has penned an e-book titled “Parry Heart,” which features an array of party-centric recipes, encapsulating her culinary expertise.

Morgan Harvey: Parents & Real Father

Morgan’s origins trace back to the United States, where she was born to Darnell Woods, her biological father, and Marjorie Bridges. Marjorie’s prior marriage was with Jim Townsend before her union with Darnell. The trajectory of Marjorie’s relationship with Darnell altered when Jim Townsend faced legal repercussions due to drug-related activities, ultimately leading to their separation.

Steve and Marjorie’s paths intertwined at the Comedy Club in Memphis, Tennessee, during one of Steve’s stand-up comedy performances. The culmination of their connection resulted in their marriage on June 25, 2007. Morgan’s upbringing was shared with her two siblings, Lori Harvey and Jason Harvey, all of whom found a nurturing home through adoption by Steve Harvey. Expanding her family circle, she also shares kinship with two additional siblings from her father’s (Steve Harvey’s) preceding marriages: Brandi Harvey and Wynton Harvey.

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Morgan Harvey: Husband Kareem

Morgan Harvey is wedded to Kareem Hawthorne, professionally known as DJ Bruckup, renowned for his skills as a DJ. Morgan and Kareem’s initial connection took root during their college years at Spelman, around the year 2006. Their relationship deepened post-graduation, culminating in their marriage ceremony on October 12, 2013, at St. Philip Cathedral in Atlanta. Their union has brought forth the joy of parenthood, with two daughters gracing their lives: Ellie, their firstborn, and Marley Jean, their second.

In the realm of business, Morgan and her spouse jointly lead the production company East One Twelve and the enterprise Harvey Events, both operating under the umbrella of Steve Harvey Global. This collective endeavor was established in 2017, effectively uniting Steve Harvey’s various business pursuits under one cohesive structure.

Morgan Harvey: Net Worth

Morgan Harvey’s financial worth is appraised to fall within the range of $1 million to $5 million. This valuation encompasses her assets, monetary holdings, and earnings. The crux of her income streams originates from her profession as a chef and writer. While she has garnered a substantial fortune through her diversified revenue channels, Morgan consciously opts for a humble and unpretentious way of life.

FAQs – Morgan Harvey

Who is Morgan Harvey’s mom?

Ans: Marjorie Elaine Harvey

Who is Morgan Hawthorn?

Ans: She graduated from the Culinary Institute of America.
Subsequently, she has gained experience at numerous renowned bakeries and event management companies, showcased her recipes on The Steve Harvey Show, and even taken on the role of a cooking class instructor!

How old is Jason Harvey?

Ans: He is about 32 years old

How old is Lori Harvey?

Ans: She is 26 years old

Who was Harvey’s ex?

Ans: Dana J. Scott, J.D., holds a position as a named partner at her present legal firm. Previously, she served as a senior partner at Pearson Specter and was also romantically linked with Harvey Specter.

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