Rose Bundy’s biography: latest updates on Ted Bundy’s daughter

Rose Bundy


Rose Bundy is the offspring of Ted Bundy, a notorious American serial killer famously dubbed “society’s most infamous and notorious serial killer” by the FBI. While there’s extensive information available about Ted Bundy, his daughter, Rose Bundy, remains enigmatic and relatively unknown.

Rose Bundy Biography & Profile Summary

Rose Bundy entered the world during her father’s imprisonment, marking one of the most enigmatic incidents linked to prison circumstances.


Shortly after her birth, she became a focal point of public discourse, a time when the shockwaves of her father’s actions still reverberated across America. While she kept a low profile for years, the release of the Netflix documentary depicting Ted’s life in “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile” renewed interest in Rose.

As for Rose Bundy’s age, she will turn 39 in 2022, born on October 24, 1982, in Florida, United States. After spending her early years in Florida until her parents’ divorce, she eventually departed for an undisclosed location. The reasons behind this choice are apparent, considering the challenges of growing up amidst people who might not know her true identity.

Later, she relocated to England in 2002, purportedly residing as a stay-at-home mother in a tranquil English village. However, these details remain speculative and unconfirmed.

Name Rose Bundy
Date of birth October 24, 1982
Gender Female
Nickname Rosa Bundy, Ted’s Bundy Daughter
Father:  Ted Bundy
Mother:  Carol Anne Boone
Place of birth:  Florida, United States
Nationality:  American
Ethnicity:  White
Current residence:  Britain

Controversies surrounding her birth

Throughout the years, the mystery surrounding Rose’s conception has captivated attention. According to Boone, how she conceived a child with Bundy is “nobody’s business,” despite the inevitable intrigue. Various theories, however, have surfaced.

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It’s alleged that Carole Ann Boone gave birth to Rose during Ted’s time on death row in prison. Carole’s visits to her husband were facilitated due to her belief in his innocence. Two plausible scenarios arise from this situation. Firstly, there’s the prohibition of conjugal visits for all death row inmates.

Nevertheless, as outlined in Ann Rule’s biography of Bundy, “The Stranger Beside Me,” prisoners could reportedly engage in such visits through the arrangement of gratuities to guards. This stands as the initial hypothesis.

Ted Bundy’s Relationships

Bundy’s initial romance was with Stephannie Brooks, who ended the relationship shortly after their graduation. Following this, he entered a relationship with Elizabeth Kloepfer, who had a daughter named Molly. Bundy developed a strong fondness for Elizabeth’s daughter, playing a paternal role. However, unsettling accusations also arose regarding his behavior towards Molly.

Furthermore, Bundy had a child of his own blood, Rose, during his time on death row. Almost implausible, isn’t it?

Rose Bundy’s life after her father’s death

At present, the young woman would be 37 years of age. Her entire history remains an enigma, encompassing her childhood pursuits, educational background, interpersonal connections, and vocation.

Rose Bundy’s relative obscurity is likely attributed to her being Ted Bundy’s daughter, an association with a serial killer. This linkage could understandably present challenges for her in terms of social interactions and casual conversations at gatherings. Additionally, while not confirmed, there are suggestions that Boone might have remarried and adopted the name Abigail Griffin, now residing in Oklahoma.

Inquiries about Ted Bundy’s daughter’s current location frequently gravitate towards Ann Rule, known for her book “The Stranger Beside Me.” In a 2008 reissue of the book, Ann Rule reiterated her lack of knowledge about Rose and her mother’s whereabouts. It’s worth noting that Rose Bundy is evidently a capable and intelligent individual. Ultimately, both Carole and Rose deserve privacy in their lives.

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Rose Bundy’s Mom

Back in 1974, Bundy and Carole Ann Boone were both employed at the Department of Emergency Services (DES). During this period, Bundy’s criminal activities were reaching their zenith, with sexual assaults, murders, and rapes frequently making headlines each month.

Carole perceived Bundy as reserved and distinct from others, and they quickly formed a connection. Their rapport blossomed, leading to the commencement of a platonic relationship. Meanwhile, Bundy remained entangled in a relationship with Elizabeth.

Ted Bundy and Boone during his Jail Time

Following Ted Bundy’s arrest, Boone was the sole individual who maintained close contact with him, regularly visiting him in jail. According to reports, Boone significantly contributed to Bundy’s two jailbreaks. She engaged in smuggling drugs, money, and assorted items that facilitated his escapes.

When Bundy faced his second arrest in Florida, where his trial was underway, Boone relocated there to support him during the trial and maintain jail visits. In an unusual turn of events, during this period, Bundy proposed marriage to Boone. Their marriage unfolded in an unconventional manner due to peculiar Florida laws.

Rose Bundy, Daughter of Ted Bundy

Boone’s visits to the jail became more frequent, and it seemed they managed to spend extended periods together, perhaps by influencing the officers. On several occasions, their intimate moments were witnessed by bystanders, yet no concerns were raised. It appears financial incentives might have been at play. Subsequently, Boone became pregnant, giving birth to a daughter named Rose in October 1981. The circumstances surrounding Rose’s parentage raised eyebrows, as Bundy remained incarcerated throughout that time.

Where is Rose Bundy Now?

Due to her father’s criminal history, Rosa Bundy, known as Ted Bundy’s daughter, has led a reserved life from the time she was born. Following her father’s execution, Rose resided with her mother, who eventually moved to a retirement home in Washington in 2018.

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Furthermore, in an effort to escape public scrutiny, she has taken measures to alter both her name and residence. Under the name Abraham Graffin, Rose Bundy now resides in Britain as a homemaker, caring for her children.

Numerous films and television shows have attempted to depict the life story of Ted Bundy and his family. Some of these titles include “The Stranger Beside Me” (Anne Rule, 1980), “The Only Living Witness” (Stephen G. Michaud, 1993), “Ted Bundy” (2002), “Fry Day” (2017), and “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile” (2019).

However, these adaptations have managed, at best, to provide vague glimpses of Ted Bundy’s daughter and wife, reflecting the challenge of obtaining a clear image due to their private lifestyles.

Rose Bundy’s Net Worth

Rose Bundy possesses a degree in Culinary Arts. Information derived from credible sources has allowed us to glean insight into her approximate net worth. It is estimated that Rose Bundy’s net worth stands at around $700,000. This wealth is evidently attributed to her professional endeavors, although there are assertions suggesting she might have inherited a portion of her father’s wealth.

Facts about Ted Bundy’s Daughter

  • Another name by which Rose Bundy can be identified is Rosa Bundy.
  • Rose Bundy and her father, Ted Bundy, share a common birthdate, falling on a Sunday.
  • She was born while her father, Ted Bundy, was incarcerated.
  • Rose Bundy is recognized as Ted Bundy’s sole daughter.
  • A few hours prior to his execution, Bundy phoned Carol Anne Boone, expressing his desire to talk to Rose. Regrettably, Boone declined, resulting in a heartbreaking absence of a farewell between Ted Bundy and his daughter, Rose.
  • Rose Bundy’s mother stood by Ted Bundy during his legal troubles.
  • Following her mother’s separation from Ted Bundy, Rose was never brought to meet her father in jail.

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