Sam Smith’s Marriage, Spouse, Partners, and Children Explored

Sam Smith


Who is Sam Smith?

Sam Smith, the English singer-songwriter, gained fame through chart-toppers such as “Stay With Me” and “Dancing With A Stranger,” a collaboration with Normani. Preferring the pronouns they/them, Sam Smith identifies as non-binary. Born on May 19, 1992, in London to Frederick Smith and Kate Cassidy, they bear the full name Samuel Frederick Smith. As of August 2022, Sam Smith is 30 years of age.

About Sam Smith’s parents

Sam Smith’s mother, Kate Cassidy, pursued a career as a stockbroker, while their father, Frederick Smith, previously managed a fruit and vegetable stall. Information about Sam Smith’s family and parents has been relatively limited in the media.

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About Sam Smith’s siblings

Within their family, Sam Smith has two sisters named Lily Smith and Mabel Smith. In a festive gesture, all three siblings commemorated Christmas in 2014 by getting matching tattoos.

About Sam Smith’s marriage and wedding

Until August 2022, Sam Smith remains unmarried and without a husband. Engagement has also not been part of their journey thus far. Yet, their romantic history features noteworthy connections, notably their involvement with actor Brandon Flynn.

List of men Sam Smith has dated

  1. Brandon Flynn and Sam Smith dated in 2017.
  2. Jonathan Zeizel and Sam Smith dated in 2014.
  3. Charlie King was rumoured to have dated Sam Smith in 2015.
  4. Furniture designer Francois Rocci is rumoured to be Sam Smith’s new boyfriend in 2020.

About Sam Smith’s relationship with Jonathan Zeizel

In 2014, shortly after openly discussing their sexuality, Sam Smith initiated a relationship with American model Jonathan Zeizel. The duo made their connection known through affectionate Instagram snapshots. Tragically, during a live concert in Toronto, Sam Smith disclosed the conclusion of their relationship with Jonathan Zeizel. In a subsequent interview, Smith reflected that their compatibility with Zeizel was limited and expressed regret regarding the public visibility of their relationship.

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Their words:

“I erred in sharing images of us on Instagram, giving the impression of a deeper commitment than it truly was.”

Sam Smith's Marriage, Spouse, Partners, and Children Explored
Sam Smith and ex-boyfriend Jonathan Zeizel

About Sam Smith’s relationship with Brandon Flynn

Brandon Flynn, recognized for his role in the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why,” gained prominence as an American actor. In 2017, reports indicated that Flynn embarked on a romantic involvement with Sam Smith. In October of that year, candid moments of them sharing kisses and holding hands in New York City were captured. Swiftly, during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Smith confirmed the relationship’s authenticity. Regrettably, the partnership concluded after a year, in 2018.

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Reflecting on their connection with Brandon Flynn, Sam Smith conveyed:

“Brandon was amazing. I’m still in the process of deciphering what I gained from that partnership and its significance to me. The emotions are still quite fresh.”

Sam Smith's Marriage, Spouse, Partners, and Children Explored
Sam Smith and ex-boyfriend Brandon Flynn

About Sam Smith’s new boyfriend – Francois Rocci

Sam Smith is rumored to have found companionship in furniture designer Francois Rocci. This speculation arose when Smith was spotted sharing a kiss with Francois Rocci on a date in August 2020. Since that time, there have been no significant updates regarding the relationship. Intriguingly, Sam Smith has refrained from publicly acknowledging this connection.

Sam Smith's Marriage, Spouse, Partners, and Children Explored
Sam Smith and their new boyfriend Francois Rocci kissing.

About Sam Smith’s children

As of August 2022, Sam Smith remains childless and has not conveyed any inclination towards parenthood.

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