Sarah Frater net worth, age, bio, everything about Top Gear star James May’s wife

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Sarah Frater
Sarah Frater net worth, age, bio, everything about Top Gear star James May’s wife

Sarah Frater is an American writer and dance critic who has achieved recognition in her own right, although she is primarily known for her association with James Daniel May, a prominent British television presenter, journalist, and writer.

Notwithstanding her high-profile relationship with May, Frater is an individual who avoids the public spotlight. Consequently, there is limited knowledge about her personal life and background.


Nevertheless, there are certain facts about Frater that have come to light. For instance, she is a skilled writer and dance critic with a portfolio of work that spans various publications. Her contributions have graced the pages of esteemed publications such as The Guardian, The Independent, and The Evening Standard.

Beyond her writing endeavors, Frater exhibits a deep interest in the world of dance. She possesses a discerning eye for choreography and has produced extensive written works on dance performances and productions.Sarah Frater net worth, age, bio, everything about Top Gear star James May’s wife

Despite her accomplishments, Frater has deliberately maintained a low public profile. She values her privacy and strives to maintain a clear separation between her personal life and professional pursuits. Consequently, only limited information is available about her, focusing primarily on her career as a writer and dance critic.

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Profile summary/Wiki

Full NameSarah Frater
Year of Birth1967
Age56 years old (As of 2023)
Place of BirthUnited Kingdom
PopularityCelebrity Spouse
Hair ColourLight Brown
Eye ColourBlue
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse’s NameJames May

Who is Sarah Frater? The Partner of Top Gear Presenter James May

Sarah Frater is a celebrated figure in the dance industry, known for her role as an art critic. She is most notably recognized as the partner of James May, the renowned English television presenter and journalist, who gained fame as a co-host of the popular BBC TV program, Top Gear.

Sarah Frater net worth, age, bio, everything about Top Gear star James May’s wife

While Sarah Frater has made a name for herself as an art critic and writer, her birth date remains undisclosed. Although she hails from the United Kingdom, she has maintained a level of privacy concerning her early life and family background, leaving much of her upbringing shrouded in mystery.

How old is Sarah Frater?

Sarah Frater’s precise birthdate is not publicly available, but she was born in the year 1967. As of her birth year, she is currently 56 years old.

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What does Sarah Frater do for a living?

Throughout her career, Sarah Frater has primarily been involved in the realm of dance. She is an art critic who specializes in reviewing and critiquing dance performances, with a particular emphasis on the esteemed art of ballet. Additionally, she has an extensive background in blog writing and has authored numerous well-received dance articles, many of which have been featured in the local daily newspaper, the Evening Standard.

Sarah has earned recognition and acclaim in her profession for her outstanding contributions. Her work has garnered the attention of many within the dance industry, and she has crafted profile reviews for prominent dancers, including Akhram Khan. Furthermore, Sarah has provided reviews for various television shows, encompassing productions such as The Nutcracker, Second before the Ground, Romeo and Juliet, Cheri, Inala, Carmen, and Dralion.

How much is Sarah Frater’s net worth?

Sarah Frater’s estimated net worth stands at approximately $300,000. She generates income primarily through her writing and work as a dance critic. In contrast, her partner, James May, is a highly affluent figure in the media industry, boasting a substantial net worth of $40 million. His wealth has been accumulated through his career as a journalist and television presenter, with credits that include hosting various TV series, such as James May’s Top Toys and Oz and James’s Big Wine Adventure.

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Sarah Frater and James May’s relationship

Sarah Frater and James May have been in a relationship since the year 2000. While the specifics of their meeting and the early stages of their relationship remain undisclosed, the couple enjoys spending quality time together. They have frequently attended various productions and events as a pair, exemplified by their joint attendance at the Audi at the Ballet event in 2014.

James May holds a deep affection for Sarah and has demonstrated his love through personalized jewelry and tokens of affection. He has openly acknowledged her role in grounding him, noting that she keeps him humble by holding him accountable for any pretentious statements, thus ensuring he remains down-to-earth and level-headed.

How many times has James May been married?

James May has never entered into matrimony, yet he has shared a committed relationship with Sarah Frater for over two decades.Sarah Frater net worth, age, bio, everything about Top Gear star James May’s wife

Quick facts about Sarah Frater

  • Sarah Frater is currently 56 years of age, with her birth year recorded as 1967.
  • Sarah Frater and James May have not had any children together

  • Sarah Frater is currently in a relationship with James May, the well-known English television personality.
  • Sarah and James May currently live in Hammersmith, West London, England.

In summary, Sarah Frater has established herself as a respected art critic and writer, with a notable focus on the dance sector. She is most recognized for her association with James May, the renowned English television host and journalist. Although the details of their relationship remain private, they have maintained a strong bond for over twenty years and enjoy each other’s company.

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