Top 10 Most Humble People in the Bible

Humble People in the Bible

Humble People in the Bible – Biblical Humility Examples

Humble People in the Bible – Humility is the trait of being humble, meek, kind, and generally low in dealing with affairs, interpersonal relationships, manner, and overall character. Even when one is deserving, humility demonstrates a low regard for oneself.


The biblical attribute of humility is frequently stated, with several humble biblical examples that we will discuss shortly. Throughout the Bible, there are numerous men and women who possessed this actual, genuine gift of humility, as seen by their lives. As Jesus stated, the meek are fortunate.

“The meek are blessed, since they will inherit the earth.”

We’ll look at several biblical personalities and examples of humble people in the Bible that are worth noting;

The Bible’s Top 10 Most Humble People are listed below:


1. Jesus Christ:


When asked, who in the Bible is the humblest? Jesus Christ, without a doubt, is the answer. According to the Bible, Jesus Christ came into the world as God’s son to die for the sins of the world. Jesus’ nature is undeniably and reproachable remarkable, as he set the norm and example of humility for all to witness and copy. His humility was evident in his contacts with the people of his time in the following ways: he was freely accessible to the public, he did not ascribe miracles solely to himself, he showed sympathy for others, and he even dined with sinners. Even as the son of God, Jesus Christ was so humble that the apostle Paul wrote about it after his death.

2. Moses:

Humble people in the bible – Moses

Moses was a prophet who judged Israel for more than 40 years and is considered the patriarch of old Jewish rules and techniques. According to the Bible, Moses was so near to God that God revealed a part of himself to him that no other living being had seen before. In all these years of privileged relationship and friendship with the creator of all things, Moses was humble enough not to rebel against God. Despite his other failings, his humility made the children of Israel trust him to govern them. Except when Moses hit the rock and God commanded him to speak to it, God enjoyed a pride-free relationship with Moses. Despite his lack of experience as a leader, the children of Israel trusted him to govern them, and he did so without abusing his power.

3. Joseph:

When Joseph was Egypt’s prime minister, he displayed humility. After his own brothers sold him to Egypt, he did not let his newly found authority lead to him having a terrible adolescence. Joseph demonstrated his humility by forgiving the brothers who sold him into slavery. He still had the bravery to beg forgiveness from his brothers. Even after spending time in prison for an offense he did not commit, Joseph did not claim that God had abandoned him in his connection with God. Remember that Joseph had a dream in which his parents and brothers were kneeling down to him; despite the fact that the dream was divinely scripted, Joseph did not utilize it to disparage his older siblings.

4. Paul:

Without mentioning Paul the Apostle, the New Testament of the Bible would be incomplete. Paul the Apostle, also known as Paul of Tarsus, was a Jewish man who converted to Christianity after meeting Jesus on the way to Damascus. Paul is an example of someone who not only demonstrated, but also preached humility. Paul worked as a tentmaker while preaching the gospel, despite having studied law under the Jewish scholar Gamaliel. Despite his past status and role in the murder of Stephen, Paul was modest enough to approach the older brethren following his spiritual encounter, addressing to them with utter humility. Paul’s humility is evident in his writings, which record his talks with apostles and other Christians. EVEN AS THEY SAID, “I belong to Paul, or I belong to Apollos, or I belong to Christ,” he was pointing out the rift in the Christian religion as some affiliated with their favored professors. In the midst of the church’s disagreements, Paul wrote to the church, advising them to stop adhering to sides; this act demonstrated how humble he was in refusing to claim glory that wasn’t his.

5. King David:

King David who was a man after God’s heart endeared God to him, who references him as an exemplary biblical king for others to follow. King David showed how humble he was before God and man. As a king, he shared sorrow and grief with the Israelites when things didn’t do well for them. When he was still much younger, he defeated Goliath and subsequently, King Saul attempted to take his life in various occasions, yet when he had the opportunity to kill Saul, he refused to do so. King David was known to humble himself in the sight of God; even in his position as King, King David refused to succumb to abandoning God who made him king.

6. Ruth:

This Moabite woman gained favor in the eyes of Boaz, who later married her, making her David the King’s great-grandmother. Naomi, Ruth’s mother-in-law, lost her husband and two sons, one of whom was Ruth’s husband, to death. Ruth’s sister-in-law, Orpah, decided to leave Naomi after considerable persuasion, but Ruth refused to leave Naomi’s side. Ruth moved in with Naomi and began to treat her as if she were a daughter, serving her with all humility. Ruth did not rebel against Naomi, and through her meekness, she earned Naomi’s and Boaz’s faith.

7. King Hezekiah:

Hezekiah was a monarch who reigned over the Israelites. According to the Bible, he did what was right in God’s eyes and was a good king in general. However, he became exceedingly ill at one point, and when the prophet Isaiah came to see him, it was revealed to Hezekiah that God had previously told him that he would die from the illness. This awful news elicited a surprising response from Hezekiah, who bowed before God, grieved, and asked for God’s favor. God was impressed by his humility and extended his life by 15 years. (2 Kings 20:1)

8. Mary, mother of Christ:

Mary had the privilege of being selected by the Holy Spirit to fulfill God’s purpose for the redemption of mankind. Mary was selected to bear forth Jesus, the savior of the world. First, the angel of God appeared to a virtuous, meek and blessed Mary who bore Christ.  Mary’s symbol of humility dwells on the fact that she did not go about blowing her trumpet about how she had the Messiah as her son, rather she stood by Jesus even till the very end.

9. Daniel:

Despite his lofty position in Babylon, Daniel put his heart on acquiring knowledge, which he did with humility as he strove to unravel God’s hidden truths. Daniel’s humility allowed him to see visions that were not generally seen by many people at the time. Despite the fact that Daniel had correctly predicted the dreams of the Babylonian rulers, he was humble enough to thank them while giving entire credit to God.

10. Job:


Despite the tragedy that had befallen him, Job brought himself humble before God in the book of Job. Job was a wealthy man before he was afflicted, but he still exhibited humility by sacrificing to God and serving Him in general. Job’s wife famously cried, “Curse God and die,” when the misery began, but Job refused to listen to her. Job’s faithfulness and humility were finally recognized by God, and he was rewarded. He was one of the Bible’s most modest characters.


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