Who is the Spouse of Tyler Hynes? Who Exactly is Tyler Hynes?

Tyler Hynes


Tyler Hynes, a Canadian actor, has become a familiar face on the Hallmark Channel starting from 2018, with a portfolio boasting over 10 films featured on the network.

In his career, Tyler Hynes took on the role of Atreyu across 24 episodes in the TV series “Tales from the Neverending Story,” and he also portrayed The Chosen One throughout the 24-episode span of “Peter Benchley’s Amazon.” Notably, he received a “Fan Favourite” nomination at Canada’s Gemini Awards when he was just 15 years old. Later, he garnered attention for his performance in “Tagged: The Jonathan Wamback Story.”

Who is Tyler Hynes?

Tyler Jeffrey Hynes born on May 6, 1986, is a 36-year-old Canadian actor born in Toronto, Ontario, but later grew up on a 24-hectare (59-acre) ranch outside Ottawa. He began acting professionally at the age of eight.

Tyler Hynes got his professional start at the age of eight during a 72-performance run of the musical stage production of A Christmas Carol as Tiny Tim, followed by a Canadian tour of The Who’s rock opera Tommy, playing the role of 10-year-old Tommy. He followed this up with his first feature film, Little Men, starring Mariel Hemingway.

He portrayed Atreyu in 24 episodes of the TV series Tales from the Neverending Story and The Chosen One in the 24-episode run of Peter Benchley’s Amazon. He was nominated “Fan Favourite” at Canada’s Gemini Awards at age 15. He later starred in Tagged: The Jonathan Wamback Story.

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Tyler Hynes age

Tyler Hynes, who was born on May 6, 1986, currently stands as a 36-year-old Canadian actor originating from Toronto, Ontario.

Who is Tyler Hynes Married To?

Based on our research, Tyler Hynes, as of now, remains unmarried. He has a tendency to keep personal details private, as he mentioned in an interview where he acknowledged having had a girlfriend in the past but chose not to disclose her identity.

In 2018, Tyler Hynes was linked to a romantic relationship with his girlfriend, and their bond continues to be strong to this day. An interesting occurrence took place in 2017 when he removed a photo of his girlfriend from his Instagram account.


Tyler Hynes and his girlfriend Racquel appear to lead a serene and low-profile life, with minimal rumors circulating about them in the media. They have effectively managed to stay off the paparazzi’s radar, resulting in a lack of publicly available pictures. However, regarding the question of his marital status, the answer is a definitive “no,” given that he has not confirmed any marriage arrangements.

Tyler Hynes career

Tyler Hynes is a multi-talented individual, excelling in various roles such as actor, director, producer, editor, and writer. He initiated his professional journey at the age of 8 with an impressive 72-performance stint in a musical production, followed by a cross-Canada tour. Notable among his achievements are his roles in the following movies:

  • Recon (2019) – Sargent Reese
  • Home and Family (2019–2020)
  • Winter in Vail (2020) – Owen Becker
  • Hotwired in Suburbia TV movie (2020) – Curnow
  • On the 12th Date of Christmas (2020) – Aidan Welch
  • It Was Always You (2021) – David Belling
  • Sweet Carolina (2021) – Cooper
  • Roadhouse Romance (2021) – Luke Ellis
  • My Christmas Family Tree (2021) – waiter
  • An Unexpected Christmas (2021) – Jamie
  • Always Amore (2022) – Ben Elliott
  • Three Wise Men and a Baby (2022)
  • A Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas (2022)
  • A Picture of Her (2023)
  • Lassie (1997) TV Series – Darren
  • Little Men (1998) – Demi Brooke
  • Home Team (1998) – Chip
  • Peter Benchley’s Amazon (1999) TV Series – Will Bauer
  • Soldier of Fortune (1999) – Billy Riddle
  • The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo (1999) Gary Epps
  • Are You Afraid of the Dark? (1999) (TV) – Jimmy Miller
  • The Other Me (2000) (TV) – Scottie DeSota
  • Tagged: The Jonathan Wamback Story (2001) (TV) – Jonathan Wamback
  • Tales from the Neverending Story (2001-2002)(24 Episodes) – Atreyu
  • Terrorized by Teens (2002) Jonathon
  • Levity (2003) – Ripple
  • Tales From the Neverending Story (2003) four TV movies – Atreyu
  • While I Was Gone (2004) (TV) – Malky McDowell
  • The Last Sign (2005) – Frank
  • I Do, They Don’t (2005) (TV) – Rusty
  • Mom at Sixteen (2005) (TV) – Brad
  • 15/Love (2005-2006) (TV) – Nate Bates
  • Citizen Duane (2006) (Film) – Rebel Stoner
  • Camille (2007) (Film) – Ricky
  • Sophie (2008-2009) (TV) – Christian
  • Flashpoint (2008) (TV) – R. J. Strachan
  • Warehouse 13 (2009-2012) (TV Series) – Joshua
  • Valemont (2009) – Gabriel
  • Impossible (2010) – Ian French
  • Heartland (2010-2012) – Joe
  • Immortals (2011)
  • The Firm (2011-2012) TV series – Patrick Walker
  • NCIS TV Series (2011) Devin Lodge
  • Firefly (2012) actor, director
  • The Listener (2012) TV series – Kurt Marker
  • Betty & Coretta (2013) – Mike Fitzpatrick
  • A String To Pull (2013) Short
  • Saving Hope (2013–2014) – Luke Reid
  • 19-2- TV series (2013–2015) – Vince Legare
  • Rookie Blue (2013) TV series – Von
  • Transporter (2014) TV series – Zac Preston
  • AFK (2015) short movie – Cyrus; writer, director
  • Len and Company (2015) – Paul
  • The Girlfriend Experience (2016) (TV) – Greg
  • Serialized TV Movie (2016) – Jason Ryan
  • Mechanics of Love (2017) – Jake Henderson
  • Flatliners (2017) film
  • Deadly Double TV Movie (2017) – Alex Cosgrove
  • Falling For You (2018) – Zac Malone
  • Unreal (2017–2018) TV series – Billy Byrd
  • It’s Christmas, Eve (2018) – Liam Bailey
  • Flip that Romance (2019) – Lance Waddell
  • Star Trek: Discovery (2019) TV series – Stephen
  • The Mistletoe Secret (2019) TV – Alex Bartlett
  • My Boyfriend’s Back: Wedding March 5 (2019) – Brad
  • Letterkenny (2019–2021) – Dierks
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Tyler Hynes height

Tyler Hynes is 5ft 9 ½ (176.5 cm) tall

Tyler Hynes Net Worth

Tyler Hynes has an estimated net worth of $10 million

Tyler Hynes FAQs

Are Tyler Hynes and Andrew Walker related?

While only a few Hallmark actors are engaged in genuine real-life relationships, there’s an even smaller number who are genuinely related. In the case of Hallmark leading actors Tyler Hynes and Andrew Walker, they share a family connection – they’re cousins!

Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Andrew William Walker is the son of Joyce Walker, a librarian, and Bruce Walker, a school administrator. Notably, his sister is the actress and model Jenimay Walker.

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Is Tyler Hynes still with Hallmark?

Certainly, both Tyler Hynes and Kristoffer Polaha are set to release new Hallmark Movies in March 2023.

Is Tyler Hynes a country singer?

No, Tyler Hynes isn’t a country singer; however, he portrayed a country singer in the film “Roadhouse Romance” and had to learn the craft to convincingly embody the role.



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