Mildred Patricia Baena Bio: Joseph Baena’s Mom Unveiled

Mildred Patricia Baena


Mildred Patricia Baena, known as Joseph Baena’s mother, previously served as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s maid for two decades. During this time, a romantic relationship blossomed between them, resulting in the birth of their son.

While her notoriety largely stems from her clandestine involvement with former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, there is a deeper story to this woman that deserves your consideration. Explore her comprehensive biography here for a more in-depth insight into her life.


Profile summary

  • Full name: Mildred Patricia Baena
  • Nickname: Patty
  • Date of birth: March 1st, 1961
  • Zodiac sign: Pisces
  • Place of birth: Guatemala
  • Nationality: Guatemalan
  • Famous for: Being Arnold Schwarzenegger housekeeper
  • Hair colour: Dark brown
  • Eye colour: Dark brown
  • Marital status: Divorced

Mildred Patricia Baena biography

Mildred Patricia Baena hails from Guatemala and is of Guatemalan heritage. She was born and raised in Guatemala, with a birthdate of March 1st. As of 2021, she is 60 years old, born to Evelyn Pena.

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How did Mildred Patricia “Patty” Baena become famous?

Mildred is both Joseph Baena’s mother and the former housekeeper of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. She began her employment at Schwarzenegger’s Brentwood mansion in the early ’90s and maintained a low media profile throughout most of her two-decade tenure there.

Mildred Patricia Baena Bio: Joseph Baena's Mom Unveiled
Mildred Patricia Baena and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Photo: @ArnoldSchwarzeneggerLegenda
Source: Facebook

Nevertheless, a few years following the birth of Mildred Baena’s son in 1997, she started drawing media scrutiny. Arnold’s wife, Maria Shriver, grew suspicious of a romantic involvement between the housekeeper and her spouse. The truth eventually came to light when Joseph Baena’s mother tearfully confessed to Maria that Joseph was indeed her husband’s child.

Schwarzenegger subsequently made a public declaration acknowledging that he was the father of Mildred’s child.

Upon exiting the governor’s office, I disclosed this incident to my wife, which transpired more than a decade ago. I comprehend and acknowledge the feelings of anger and disappointment within my circle of friends and family. I offer no justifications and bear full accountability for the pain I’ve inflicted. I’ve extended my apologies to Maria, my children, and my family. I deeply regret my actions.

A few months later, Maria Shriver filed for divorce.

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Mildred Baena’s dramatic marriage life

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s maid had been previously married. She wed Rogelio de Jesus Baena on November 14th, 1987. However, when Joseph Baena was born on October 2nd, 1997, Rogelio expressed doubts about the child’s paternity, leading to their separation on October 23rd, 1997.

Mildred, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mistress, did not disclose Joseph’s true parentage to him until she noticed the resemblance between her son and Arnold. In February 2008, Mildred initiated divorce proceedings, which were finalized in 2010.

In addition to Joseph, Mildred also has a daughter named Jackie Rozo from her prior marriage to Rogelio.

Mildred Patricia Baena house

Mildred Baena’s exact net worth remains undisclosed to the public. Nonetheless, considering her two-decade tenure as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s maid, it is reasonable to assume that she accumulated sufficient wealth to sustain a comfortable life.

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Furthermore, Joseph Baena’s mother possesses a residence located in Bakersfield, California. Notably, Arnold Schwarzenegger contributed a $65,000 down payment toward this specific house less than a year prior to acknowledging his paternity of her child.

Mildred Patricia Baena Bio: Joseph Baena's Mom Unveiled
Mildred Patricia Baena walking along the shore. Photo: @ballbella.official
Source: Facebook

He distributed the “gift” payments over two transactions from his bank account, initiating with a $5,000 deposit in April 2010, followed by another $60,000 in May 2010. Following her divorce, she resided there with her children.

Is Mildred Baena currently married? No, she is not married at the moment. However, she is in a relationship with Alex Aguiar.

Mildred Patricia Baena formerly worked as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s housekeeper and gained public attention due to her extramarital relationship with the renowned actor and former California governor. This liaison led to the separation of both individuals from their previous partners.


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