Who is Jacqueline Staph? Bio, age, age, husband, other updates

Jacqueline Staph
Who is Jacqueline Staph? Bio, age, age, husband, other updates

Jacqueline Staph is primarily recognized as the spouse of Orlando Jones, an American comedian, actor in both film and television, as well as a producer. Staph herself is a model who is currently striving to establish a presence in the modeling industry.

Jacqueline Staph Biography & Profile Summary

Name Jacqueline Staph
Date of birth July 4th, 1983
Zodiac Cancer
Age 39 years
Husband Orlando Jones
Nationality United States of America
Net worth $1 million

Jacqueline Staph Marriage

Marrying Orlando Jones is undoubtedly one of the standout moments in Jacqueline Staph‘s life, as far as our gathered information goes. If anything, what drew Jacqueline to Orlando was his unique qualities.Who is Jacqueline Staph? Bio, age, age, husband, other updates

She first crossed paths with her future husband, Orlando Jones, at a friend’s gathering in Las Vegas back in 2005. During the party, while others were letting loose, Jacqueline noticed Orlando remained composed.

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The role Orlando played in Jacqueline’s life during their time together is something she will always cherish.

In 2008, Orlando proposed to her in a distinctive manner, presenting her with a unique engagement ring that was nearly a century old, intending to make it special for his partner. However, rather unusually, he didn’t propose directly to Jacqueline. Instead, he humorously mentioned that his bulldog proposed to her while wearing the ring around its neck. Orlando explained that he wanted to give her something one-of-a-kind that she wouldn’t see on anyone else. The ring featured a jubilee-cut center stone flanked by two princess-cut diamonds.


Their wedding ceremony had an intimate feel, resembling a dinner party with around forty-two guests at the Hotel Bel-Air in LA. The ambiance was enhanced with lanterns, votives, and pillars providing the lighting. They exchanged vows on January 2, 2009.

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Jacqueline Staph Divorce

Despite the distinctive nature of their marital union, recent information sadly confirms that the couple’s marriage came to an end in 2021. They separated due to irreconcilable differences, and Jacqueline and Jones have a child together.Who is Jacqueline Staph? Bio, age, age, husband, other updates

Jacqueline Staph Career

Jacqueline has translated her passion for modeling into a fashion-focused blog. She is the proprietor of TheBeautyProof website in this niche, where she creates unsponsored content aimed at providing valuable tips to assist people with their beauty needs.

Reportedly, Jacqueline established her website in 2012 with the intention of empowering consumers and users of cosmetic products. She recognized that a person’s beauty routine could have an impact on their overall health, making it a subject she was drawn to due to her growing interest in healthcare, influenced by her father.

Despite her dedication to blogging, many might not recognize her for this pursuit and are more inclined to identify her as the former spouse of Orlando Jones. Consequently, her husband’s (now ex) status tends to overshadow her own accomplishments.

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Jacqueline Staph Ex-husband

Jacqueline Staph’s former spouse, Orlando Jones, is a well-known American comedian who was born on April 10, 1968. He is currently 55 years old. Despite his father’s background as a professional baseball player, Jones developed a strong interest in the entertainment industry, particularly in comedy. One of the key factors that brought Jones into the limelight was his involvement as one of the original cast members of the comedy series MADtv. Additionally, he gained fame for his humorous portrayal of the 7 Up spokesperson in commercials from 1999 to 2002. Jacqueline married Jones in 2009, but they are now divorced.Who is Jacqueline Staph? Bio, age, age, husband, other updates

Jacqueline Staph Net worth

Jacqueline has amassed significant wealth throughout her career, to the point where she can be considered a financially prosperous individual. According to a 2022 article, Jacqueline’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $1 million.

Her primary income source is predominantly attributed to her work in the field of blogging.

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